Is there anything better than the feel of gel between your hands? 
You squeeze out a dollop and rub your hands together and put it in your hair.
Seems kinda sexy.


Seems harmless

It is if you’re using an all natural one.
If not, look out. 
Unfortunately, most gels on the market are made of PVP, or poly vinyl acetate or versions thereof!
Not well known by the public, but that’s liquid plastic on your hair.
It is like putting a layer of plastic over your garden to hold in the moisture. While good for a short time, it eventually will kill your plants.
When a layer of PVP/liquid plastic seals the lip of the follicle, you might get a few days of fuller LOOKING hair, but over time, as that follicle is sealed off, it’s just a matter of time before that hair falls out permanently! 
So, the next time you are slathering gel on to make your hair look fuller, realize that you may be smothering the few follicles that might still be
growing hair!
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