“Oh baby, that beautiful baby of mine!”
It’s a blessing and what you have wanted for so long.
Now that he/she is here, you are overcome with joy and happiness.
And let’s not forget hormones!
Hormonal imbalances after childbirth often result in what is known as postpartum hair loss.
It can affect 40-50% of women.
A healthy diet will help.
So will exercise.
You can even take additional nutritional supplements.
Along with these helpful options we have hair care products which are void of chemicals and great for your hair and scalp.
Belegenza has your back in this time of need.
Our postpartum hair care regimen will allow you to concentrate on your bundle of joy while doing what needs to be done for your hair.
Get ready for a thick, healthy head of hair!
We won’t change diapers for you, but we can certainly help you with your hair growth concerns.
With your package, you will receive our private cell/text number. You can ask those personal questions
directly to Alan & Cheryl!
What other company does this?
Only Belegenza, Alan & Cheryl!
YES! Take me to the Post Partum Hair Package NOW!
Yes. Take me to the Post Partum Mommy Hair Package
P.S. As we help you balance things out, you’ll be using more than 17 trusted hair growth factors rather than one or two trendy, hopeful ingredients made for the masses.
Alan & Cheryl