Dear Alan and Cheryl,
Thank you for your informative emails and newsletters.
I really enjoy learning about how to achieve healthy hair and what to avoid in today’s toxic chemical filled world.
 So thank you for sharing what you know with your customers.
I wanted to share something with you that I recently learned regarding hair thinning that you may or may not know.
I have been a faithful user of your Growout shampoo, Romance conditioner and EnCore leave-in conditioner for about 5+ years.  I started using Belegenza products to help grow my hair out after chemo;
it grew back long and healthy thanks to your products!
Then in the last year or so, I noticed that my hair began gradually getting thinner and thinner, not from breakage but from shedding.

I thought, how can this be!?!

I know that the Belegenza products are top tier and couldn’t be the issue.

So, I just dismissed it for being post-menopause hair thinning (which I guess can be a thing for some women).

So, when I was at my dermatologist for my annual checkup recently, I mentioned that my hair is shedding and getting thinner.

After looking at my hair and scalp, his initial response was that I had hereditary hair thinning (androgenetic alopecia).
I said, “How can that be!?! Both of my parents (now in their 80’s), and all my siblings all have full heads of hair. It’s only me that’s losing hair!”

So, then the dermatologist thought about it for a bit and said that he wanted to have my iron levels checked to see if that might be the cause.

We’ll, sure enough my iron level test indicated a low ferritin level.

Not anemic level low, but definitely low enough to cause hair thinning.  So now I’m taking an iron supplement to gradually build back up my iron level with the anticipation and hope that my hair will stop shedding and eventually grow back in thicker.  

I am sharing this with you because I know that there may be other women out there who may be experiencing hair shedding and dismissing it as normal age related thinning or have been misdiagnosed as hereditary hair thinning.
After reading about Iron deficiency, I learned that it can mimic androgenetic alopecia and therefore go undetected. A simple blood check on iron levels might literally “shed” some light on the matter.  
I know you care about educating your customers or you wouldn’t go to the trouble of sharing your knowledge via emails and newsletters.

I just wanted to share with you my hair journey experience as I continue to be a faithful user of Belegenza. 

Thanks for all that you do.
L.H., Kansas
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Androgenetic Alopecia Mystery Solved! Hair Growth after Chemo AND Menopause

Androgenetic Alopecia