Intro to 10 Hair Styling Tips for Prolonging Your Blowout

Whether you’re a dedicated “flawless hair or nothing” enthusiast or you occasionally indulge in a professionally done blowout, you probably want to make that sleek look last as long as possible.

After all, who doesn’t want to maximize the time and effort spent on achieving perfectly straight hair?

To help you maintain that day-one perfection through day three, four, five, or even longer, we’ve gathered some valuable insights for you.

how to make a blowout last longer

10 Hair Styling Tips for Prolonging Your Blowout

  1. Proper Preparation: The key to a long-lasting blowout begins before you even start blow-drying. It’s all about using the right products tailored to your hair type. For instance, if your fine hair struggles to maintain its shape, start with a volumizing product, such as PerForm Styling Gel. For thick and frizz-prone hair, opt for a styling hair crème, such as Taffy Styling Cream, to keep those flyaways in check.
  2. Divide and Conquer: One of the common blow-drying mistakes is not fully drying all your hair. Take your time to divide your hair into smaller, manageable sections. Move your brush and blow dryer carefully from the scalp to the ends, ensuring each section is completely dry.
  3. Choose the Right Brush: Using a ceramic or boar bristle round brush while blow-drying is your best bet for a great result. The larger the brush, the straighter your hair will be, especially for longer hair. For added lift at the roots, dry each section in the opposite direction and let it cool before releasing. You can also create barrel-shaped curls while your hair is still warm and clip them into place. Wait until they cool down before removing the clips.
  4. Flip Your Head Over: Flat, lifeless roots can be a blowout enthusiast’s worst nightmare. To add maximum volume to the roots, add some PerForm Styling Gel to the roots, then flip your head over and direct the blow-dryer nozzle right at the roots.
  5. Know Your Hairspray: Hairspray can be your blowout’s best friend when used correctly. Working spray is meant for wet hair and helps shape and set it. Spray each section before blow-drying. On the other hand, aerosol spray locks in the style when it’s dry. Hold aerosols 12 to 14 inches away from your head and don’t wet your hair. When used properly, aerosols offer excellent humidity resistance and style retention.
  6. Preserve It Overnight: To extend the life of your blowout overnight, gather your hair into a loose bun before bed. Choose a hair tie that won’t leave a crease, like a scrunchie or claw-style clip. You can also wrap your hair in a silk turban for added protection.
  7. Use a Terry-Cloth-Lined Shower Cap: Fine hair flattens with moisture, while full hair frizzes up. To safeguard your blowout in the shower, wear a snug terry-cloth cap to prevent steam from ruining your hard work.
  8. Manage Sweat: You don’t need to skip your gym sessions, but consider using an absorbent cloth headband before working out to prevent baby hairs around your hairline from frizzing.
  9. Revive with Your Blow Dryer: If your blowout loses its shape on day three or four, grab your round brush and blow dryer. Go through your dry hair section by section, just as you did when it was wet. The heat will restore the shape and eliminate any bumps or creases.
  10. Try a Roller Boost: If the top of your hair is falling flat, consider using a few large Velcro or hot rollers for an instant lift. Before setting, apply a thermal protection hairspray, such as VirgINity Hair Repair, to make the set last even longer.

Conclusion to 10 Hair Styling Tips for Prolonging Your Blowout

These hair styling tips serve as your blueprint for making your blowout last, helping you maintain that coveted day-one perfection through day three, four, five, and beyond.

To ensure your blowout remains impeccable for an extended period, choosing the right products tailored to your hair type is paramount. Begin your blowout journey with products such as the PerForm Styling Gel, ideal for fine hair in need of extra volume, or the Taffy Styling Cream, perfect for taming frizz and maintaining shape in thick, unruly hair.

Additionally, incorporating the use of the VirgINity Hair Repair thermal protection hairspray can help prolong the effects of a roller boost, providing a shield against heat damage while adding longevity to your set. These meticulously selected products serve as your trusted allies in the quest for a long-lasting, salon-quality blowout.