In the past we just ate what we wanted to eat.
Even now some still do. 
But today we know so much more about what we put into our bodies and what it can and can’t do for us. 
Does it only affect weight? No. 
What we eat affects much more.
Your scalp, like other parts of your body, requires constant nourishment. It houses the cells that are called Rapidly Dividing Cells, meaning that they double in a 12-72 hour time frame, which is some of the fastest! 
Each strand of hair on your scalp grows based on what you feed it, even if it is pure junk. This is also how drugs get “found out” in hair samples… the glorified dumping ground of your body! 
So, what is good for your scalp?
Eggs are a great source of protein, minerals and the B-complex vitamin. All of what you get in eggs keeps the keratin in your hair follicles replenished.
There is a HUGE secret to the yolks that is THE most important for growing hair faster and also for keeping your cholesterol in the healthy range…. and it’s not hard-boiled eggs. 
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The end result means healthy, growing hair.
Who doesn’t want that?!
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