What does “The Rock” know?
Working out is beneficial all around.
It helps you feel better while transforming your body.
But it is believed by some experts that it may also help remove toxins from your body.

Some say yes, some say no.

Experts will tell you that your liver and kidneys are the only way your body has of removing toxins. 
Other experts believe that using a sauna, or say working out, to detoxify from environmental toxins and heavy metals is nothing more than a myth. 
Here’s what we found out. 
Mixed with your sweat is a substance called urea, for which urine is named. In a paper published (Journal of Biological Chemistry) researchers estimated up to 1.12 milligrams of urea is dissolved in every cubic centimeter of sweat. 
While this sounds like a small amount, the average person sweats up to 700 cubic centimeters of liquid each day, which means urea excreted in your sweat is responsible for up to 7 percent of your daily elimination of urea.
Regardless of how many toxins are released, working out (which involves sweating) makes you feel better because of the endorphins released. 
If you happen to sweat out even a bit of toxins — you’re ahead of the game. 
So, you decide. 
But know a healthy body leads to a happy you!

Perhaps that’s why “the Rock” always has a smile on his face.

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