Belegenza Extraordinary Hair Care as a product line that is simply compatible with the body as a whole. After many reports of speedier hair growth, we sought the finest ingredients believed by cultures to be helpful in growing hair, with the intention of adding it to our new category of products. Italians trust olive oil, Indians trust coconut oils, Asians trust herbs, and so on.

We put together a recipe that included as many of the “secrets” of the cultures and created the GrowOut Shampoo and Strengthener. We found an ingredient that seems to amplify the whole process (apparently 23 % of “sleeping follicles” wake up, according to a study). Belegenza gets regular reports of roots growing in faster, haircuts growing in quicker, and new hairs throughout the head sprouting ,giving the hair more fullness and thickness, which is good news to all involved.

By the way, it is average to lose about 70-100 hairs per day, on a head of hair that averages about 90,000 hairs. If you want to reactivate those falling hair follicles, GrowOut Shampoo and Strengthener seems to do the trick!