Most of us know that long hair seems to be the thing for both brides and bridesmaids.  So, the moment you’re engaged, it is a typical consideration to have long hair.  Wearing it down or up, becomes the question.   And, for the bridesmaids, it seems to be a requirement.  Long luxurious hair.

Either way, whoever you are in the wedding party, you want to have the healthiest and most luxurious hair possible.  Even if you decide to buy your hair, you need to have your natural hair be as strong as possible to hold up to the abusive nature of most hair extensions, pieces, wigs, etc., and even all the hot tools needed that day for your wedding transformation!

As always, we recommend you get your primary conditioner together, and that’s your nutrition.  Your quality of hair depends on what you eat.  Your hair IS what you eat, and then you can condition it from there for added strength.  In most cases, because you’ll be in tons of photos at the wedding anyway, it’s a good idea to eat well and drink lots of water, so that your skin looks as great as possible, and if I know most ladies, it wouldn’t hurt your feelings if you were a little thinner by the time those wedding bells ring, right? So use this time wisely to see what’s possible!

Although IlLustrious Shampoo & Cleanser is the product of choice for perfect hair, this is the time for GrowOut Shampoo & Strengthener!  Just switch right over, and even use the GrowOut Scalp Energizing Spray as often as you can remember for maximum results all day long.  Grow it, and nurture it at the scalp level.  Then, hold on to coloring as much as possible, and  if you already color your hair, schedule that for the week before the wedding.  This will give minimum regrowth, the color settles in, and should there have been a color disaster, you’ll have the week to work it out!  Always, before coloring, use EnCore Leave-In Conditioner.  This will even out the porosity, insuring a perfect color with shine from the scalp to the ends, whether you are doing it yourself, or going to the salon.  When you use EnCore, the conditioner is already on the hair, and the color opens the hair’s cuticle allowing the EnCore to penetrate even more, for longer lasting color results!

These are just a few tips for what is possible during this most exciting time between, “Will you marry me?” and “I Do!”