Wedding Hair Growth Increase

Cheryl got married!

She really found “Mr. Right!”

She’s now Cheryl Wright!

For those who know us well, you know that Cheryl and I are sticklers for perfection, and doing her hair for the wedding was no exception!

Bleached hair is usually fragile.  Of course, with our blend of advanced moisture, conditioning and strengtheners, Cheryl’s mid-back length hair is super strong thanks to super hair growth by GrowOUT!

When she told me she wanted her hair up, I was initially concerned that there was too much length to put UP without a PILE of hair all over her head!

So, for those of you who’ve done hair UPDO’s, you know that you must account for where to put
all of the length!

“Cheryl, you’ve got a LOT of hair to put up, you know…?” I said.

Cheryl replied, “Yes. I know, right?  If you need, just cut off 3 or 4 inches…”


“It grows back so fast with GrowOUT, it will be this length again in a few months!”

What a WONDERFUL problem.

If you are one of those who is constantly trying to
gain length,
hair growth and
stronger hair, 
it is pretty obvious that
your hair will benefit, too!

This is why our customers have such confidence.





Fantastic Hair!

Imagine your next “Red Carpet” event, job interview, first date, Zoom call, with a
CERTAIN level of confidence
because your hair and hair growth is better than it’s ever been!

That’s what Belegenza delivers.

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Belegenza is the right thing to do for you hair… and your life!

Your Favorite Brother Sister Wedding Hair Growth Experts!

Alan & Cheryl

Wedding Hair Growth Increase