Sometimes the smallest thing can make us feel better

Jennifer Garner knows this.

She turned to trying Marie Kondo’s popular tidying method to get her home in order. 

Wouldn’t you agree during these times
something as simple as
this is so valuable.

You know it’s easy to make clutter which makes you feel weighed down. 
But it’s not always so easy to make clutter disappear! 

Though you may not want to use the particular method Jennifer did, you can still take a small action.

And small actions lead to big actions….and results!

Why not try this—— Clean out one drawer of your desk at work. 


Here’s what you do

1. Just choose one drawer. Do what you feel able to deal with.

2. Empty the drawers contents. We mean everything.

3. Clean all the dust and little trash pieces out so you can start

completely clean.

4. Now concentrate on removing all the junk from the pile of things

that you have taken out of the drawer.

5. Go through the remaining junk. 

6. Put the important things you chose to keep back in the drawer in an orderly manner. 

7. Stay de-cluttered.

Another game is to throw away 100 things per day. Keep count and have fun. Sounds like a lot of things, but that includes your Starbucks coffee cup, your napkin, an empty bottle of salad dressing, a paperclip that’s seen better days, etc! 

With a fresh start to de-cluttered living, you’ll find it very energizing!

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