Spending time and money on hair growth magic to no avail? 

It may be what you’re using on the scalp prior to applying the magic potion

Worse yet, it may even be the same brand shampoo, conditioner or styling aid that comes with the magic potion

There are tons of products that claim to grow hair faster

Touting being “genetically predisposed,” to systems that have been around for decades with a new “twist” or ingredient in the new and improved version

Or just the run-of-the-mill Minoxidil treatment in a new package. 

The one thing they all have in common are great marketing and barriers! 

Hidden barriers. 

Silicone, a known barrier to electricity, is just what we’re talking about

Silicone was originally an insulator or barrier to electricity. 

Then it got a bunch of new functions, like caulk for the tub and toilet, and the list is almost endless today

In the 90’s though, it got synthesized into a very small form called dimethicone, and that became the new miracle for shiny hair! 

Yes, we remember when we introduced it (by another company who shall remain nameless) on the platform to 1000’s of hair stylists to add shine to the hair.

It was called Glossifier! 

If you remember that, it was history in the making. 

At the same time, that chemical made its way into every product made for hair including hairsprays, hair colors, shampoos, conditioners, and styling products. 

It was a fundamental shift in the “cake mix” formulas of hair products. (Cake mix means that hair products, like a cake mix, are essentially the same, with added “flavors” to make them seem unique! Think of it like a “yellow cake mix” that has a bit of chocolate added, or lemon added.  Essentially, flour, eggs, oil & water, but the flavoring makes it special. Same with hair products.) 

What no one knew at the time, nor wants to admit to this day, is that silicone, dimethicone and their chemical offspring are barriers

They are a layer through which nutrients cannot penetrate easily, and also it collects on the openings of the follicles and scalp. 
This layer of insulation or barrier blocks a lot of good things from happening. 

Like a layer of plastic over a garden, it serves a purpose for a very short time as the seeds sprout. But as soon as the days go by the seedlings cannot receive rain drops, and eventually the plants die. 

Hair follicles are attacked in a similar fashion by silicone derived coverings. 

This explains why switching products seems to be so wonderful….at first! 

After a few weeks, though, the follicles get smothered like those precious seedlings in the plastic covered garden! 

So, then you reach out and buy a hair growth product to drench your follicles with, and because the barrier is still there (albeit invisible to the naked eye), you get little to no results

And then, there are the fancy products made by manufacturers, NOT hair professionals, who rely on inexpensive ingredients that all other manufacturers rely on, and poof! More barriers! 

Anyone can see how this vicious circle of barriers works once it’s pointed out, right?!

So, what’s a girl (or guy) to do? 

Give up the idea that mainstream products or even super popular commercial products are going to deliver what is needed…..

…..Barrier-free products from start to finish! 

You’ve got to investigate every single ingredient. 
You’ve got to understand each ingredient chemical name. 
You’ve got to look behind the motive of the company touting the magical claims. 

Whose got the time for all that? 

If you don’t, we’ve got some exciting news for you

We’ve done this already. 

We’ve worked for the top manufacturers. 

We were the “hired guns” lying to the audiences for years. 

We were “trained” to tell you the good stuff, but not the down side. 

Until we had enough, and  we found a way to make products without barriers

That was the day “silicone-free” was born. 

YES, Cheryl and Alan, we invented the silicone free era!

So, today, you have lucked into finding the source of silicone barrier free products, by Belegenza! 

So, if you want to try to find something better and have the time and resources, we’ve outlined it in the above.
And, you won’t.

We are what they try to copy and they alwasy give up because ingredients are too expensive for them! 

But if you want results, and the top of the line silicone-free luxury that is easy and effective, you’re in the right place…right now! 

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