Sleeping For Hair Growth?

Here are two simple adjustments that will improve your chances of excellent hair growth.
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What do we spend 1/3 of our life doing?

If you guessed sleeping, you’re right.

If you average 8 hours a night and have reached the age of 75, you’ve slept for 25 years.

These days most of us don’t average a full 8 hours but the point is it’s a huge part of our life.

So, it makes sense to use that time to insure proper hair growth, right?

Sleeping For Hair Growth vs. Hair Breakage!

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Have you ever though about what is happening to your hair while you sleep?
Your hair is quite vulnerable when wet so if you like to shower right before bed, try moving that shower just 1-2 hours earlier.

Your hair will be glad you did & it will thank you better hair growth!

Also take in to consideration the type of pillowcase you sleep on.

Invest in a silk one because the small fibers in silk pillowcases can keep your ends from getting damaged, especially  if you like to toss and turn a lot in your sleep.

Aren’t those two, EASY,  little adjustments you can do to help your hair & hair growth ?

From now on, when you’re crawling into bed, remember it’s more than just sleep time… It’s hair growth time, too! 

Sweet Dreams of Luscious Hair Growth from your FAVE Brother & Sister Hair Growth Experts,

Alan & Cheryl

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