During a junk food fest, Cheryl and I were on a sugar high, laughing and joking around about our tales of the day in the salon. 

Out of one of the conversations, where we were talking about what trashy hair was often brought to us. Because we are known for making miracles happen in hair, we often attract desperate characters sporting abused hair, who want magic.
Miracles ‘R Us is fun, taking awful hair, and turning it out,  but we also know what we can accomplish with already good hair.
So, as we discussed it more,
we ended up starting a whole new paradigm for the beauty industry. 

All we said was…”wouldn’t it be great if people brought us their BEST hair quality possible? Hair that was healthy from using superior products, but also that they would up their nutrition such that their follicles would pump out the VERY BEST hair!”

For us, we always created great work, in spite of them bringing us whatever quality of hair they did, but it was much like asking a master painter, like DaVinci, to do a masterpiece with crayons! 

“What if we could feed hair follicles the way we feed our pie holes?” 

Of course, that evening we were consuming mass quantities of sugary junk food, so it was a wakeup call in all kinds of ways! 

Well, we did just that. 

We went to work researching a hair, hair follicle and the systems that delivered whatever we eat and consume and slather to find out what are the optimum ingredients, foods, nutrients and elements that would build every person’s most perfect hair! 

That lead us to creating our mission to eliminate silicone and nasties from beauty products forever and make them from food-grade ingredients that are in coordination with how human follicles really work! 

BUT we have had a serious challenge for years, and have just figured it out! 

As you know, we started the Silicone free Era from that overeating fest. 

The whole beauty industry has shifted into talking about silicone free, gluten free, paraben free, petroleum free, mineral oil free…etc. 

That was our vision. 

Mission accomplished. 

EXCEPT…. we sort of caused a worse problem that we had NO idea would happen. 

What they did is took out heavy silicones, and put in new, smaller silicones under pseudo-names which are MORE DANGEROUS than the original silicone and dimethicone! 
They take out parabens but then load the product with other new age preservatives that are NOT PROVEN safe because there are NO long-term studies. 
They take out wheat gluten, but then add rice, corn or soy isolates which mimic and are even worse than wheat…creating a great marketing approach, but causing at least as much long-term health problems. 

And, the list goes on. 

So, now what? 

I remember the noise about fast-food being so dangerous in the 80’s as a kid growing up. 

There were groups of people trying to shut them down, and all junk food. 

There in lies the OBVIOUS lesson….. 

Fast Food is now even being delivered to peoples’ doors 40 years later! 

Stopping that choice is not happening. 

Stopping silicone, paba, parabens, petroleum, etc. is not happening. 

So, our new mission is to not fight the river of silicone clogging up follicles, hair growth and our streams and oceans. 
Our mission is to make a perfect product available to those who know the difference! 

So our goal is to educate as many people as possible in the original vision and the new unfortunate fallout of “glossy coverup” products and let each person decide what works for them! 

Now that we are able to articulate our true new VISION it all makes sense now. 

We kept thinking we were just “lucky” or something to have amassed the best and finest customers in the world……

It is now obvious that though we didn’t know how to say it, the perfect, highly informed, super committed people sought us out! 

So, now, rather than waste our energy fighting chemicals that other companies are sloshing out to the unsuspecting public, or even fairly informed people, we are directing our energies to clarifying the truth, exposing all sides of our industry’s dastardly deeds, and focus on perfect products that are the ultimate level of quality and effectiveness….and safety! 

So, sure, it’s fun to drive through for a tasty burger, fries, sugary drink, milk shake, fried pie, custard, coffee drink, croissant, queso, buffalo wing, …. 

But like alcohol leads to hangovers,

….and, sugars, transfats and food chemicals taste GREAT once in a while…even if your follicles are choking over them. 

But you know how vibrant you feel when you eat the finest foods and beverages possible. 

Your follicles know the difference, too and reward you with your best possible hair! 

So, junk shampoos, conditioners and gimmic products will still be fun, exciting and available, that’s not our problem

It doesn’t have to be your problem anymore, either! 

We’re launching our new information in our Belegenza Plus Program! 

You will get the hard facts of what the beauty industry provides. 
You will get to make the easy choice. 

You will also discover how to “catch yourself” after bomarding your follicles and hair with chemical-laden conventional products that you might TRY once in a while. 
You will get access to us in special events, LIVE Q & A sessions and more!
Plus, free shipping on all orders of the world’s first and finest luxury silicone and nasties free beauty products in the universe! 

The bottom line? 

Junk food and junk beauty products exist. 
Premium products now exist. 
Belegenza, Alan & Cheryl and our incredible team are now revealing the TRUTH
for those who want rise to the top of the beauty category in the universe!
Are you ready for the finest? 
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