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If you’ve been a client of ours, you already know the extraordinary benefits of Belegenza on your hair–and your life!

This page is really for those who just aren’t sure you are ready to invest in your hair

Look at these remarkable microscopic before and after photos of hair!

Reflective synthetic shine as seen "before." Shine of the "after" is so deep, you can see the kaleidoscopic color. Refraction enhances your hair's natural pigments and highlights showing richer tones as seen in healthy, younger hair.
Reflective synthetic shine as seen “before.” Hair is solid looking. One dimensional.


The shine of the “after” is so deep, you can see the kaleidoscopic color. Refraction enhances your hair’s natural pigments and highlights showing richer tones as seen in healthy, younger hair. You will enjoy the compliments as the shine seems to emanate from the inner core of the hair!

All photos are actual, not photoshopped, no lighting changes. Nothing.  Just a hair before Belegenza, and then one application of our core ingredient from SpotLite Shine!  (Yes, it’s the same one hair)!

The unique shine of Belegenza “after” is so deep, you can see the kaleidoscopic color. Your hair is enhance, revealing your hair’s natural pigments, subtle undertones and highlights. You experience richer tones as seen in healthy, younger hair.

With this much brilliance in just one application, you will be amazed at the results you’ll get with continued usage!
Like we’ve always said,  outer shine, as seen in the before pictures is nice, but notice the kaleidoscopic brilliance of the Belegenza hair!

So many of you have asked us to personally assess your hair.   By now, you realize that we listen and take care of you and your hair!  We have now set up a system for you to find out what are the very best products for your hair with even more confidence.   We’ve set up a way you can send us a small sample of your hair and we will analyze it in our labs, and tell you what is the absolute best products for your hair!

You will fill out your questionnaire, print it and then send it to us with a small amount of your hair.

(Only 10-20 hairs are required, sent along with your one-paged questionnaire by USPS)

So simple and so easy!

We will visually assess it and given your questionnaire information, send out  your “Food-scription” (food based products).   Included, we will photograph (microscopically) your hair before and after, and email those photos to you demonstrating the extraordinary shine, depth and color enhancement that you will be experiencing by using Belegenza products!   Of course, your microscopic photos will show you definitively that you’ve discovered the best products for your hair.

Included with your evaluation and analysis, we will also send you a coupon toward your first order for $25.

Your investment is $375, and when you include your $25 coupon, your net investment is only $350.

Not only will you have the proof of the difference, you can opt for us to examine the bulb of your hair, especially if you have concerns of thinning or falling hair.   These hairs will need to be gently pulled from your scalp, or you can use a clean brush, and brush vigorously until about 5-10 hairs collect within the bristles, and you can send those with your questionnaire. (Your questionnaire is a downloadable document that will appear in your confirmation page when you complete your order for analysis).

With this, we will send you a picture of the bulb of your hair.  As you may know, our GrowOUT products are designed with hair growth in mind.   The focus on the health of your scalp and follicles is very important to you if you are out to have the fastest growth and strongest results.  You will then have a log or diary of your progress, supported by the pictures as your hair grows out. You will later want to do the analysis again to see proof of your progress. 

The best part of this, is that though we will be focusing on the very details of your hair health and performance, you will be enjoying how each day, your hair gets better and better.  You will enjoy the compliments, the confidence, and how your hair is no longer an issue, but actually has you feel more powerful and satisfied.

All of this, and the knowing that you are really taking care of YOURSELF.   No more chemical coverups.  No more synthetic and or questionable chemicals on your hair or scalp.

Isn’t it worth finding out what is the best for your hair in all ways?

Scroll up now, and click the add to cart button, and  download your questionnaire, now!

Get started NOW!

Allow up to 4 weeks for your analysis to be completed.

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