Sure, your hair is great, but aren’t you ready for awesome hair?

Is healthy hair and healthy living important to you?

Are you ready for a change that will make a lasting and incredible difference?

It’s time now to get started withMy Magical Month!

Though we focus on providing you with perfect hair by feeding your hair and scalp, you will experience your own personal transformation during your magical month.   We believe that when your hair and self image and esteem get greater, you are more able to live life to its fullest.

With your attention on your life, love and happiness, your hair becomes a background thought with its newfound ease of styling, refined condition, and stronger lengths.  Though it’s the last thing you will need to think about, your newly perfect hair also rises to the top of your attention as you get compliments more and more!

Confidence and POWER are yours more and more as Belegenza improves your hair!  (Why men prefer blonde?’s not what you think!…read by clicking here).

What you can expect in your magical month!

  1. Gentle transition from chemicals to natural elements that nourish your hair.
  2. A textural change to stronger, more manageable hair that responds with body and style memory.
  3. Healthier hair growth, noticeable near the scalp as your anagen phase (growth) hairs emerge.
  4. Shine, once only a reflective surface shine, begins its emanation from your inner core, revealing the depth and richness of your haircolor.
  5. A rich quality overcomes your hair that is distinct, and telltale of luxury and vitality.
  6. Deep satisfaction begins to grow in you, as a result of great hair and pleasure in knowing you’re feeding your hair the finest natural elements.

 Legal Disclaimer

Everyone’s journey is different.  To make your journey more fun, rewarding and effective, we’re available to you.   Not only is the website filled with information that can be accessed by your interests easily with the search box at the top right of each page, but you can even be in touch with Alan, Cheryl, or our team of consultants for personal guidance and customized answers!

Ask questions, watch videos, read blogs, search more specific information, text us, message us, Facebook, Instagram and Tweet us.  We’re available to you and look forward to making your magical month awesome.

One of the biggest issues that comes up for people in their first few days of the transition process is probably the hardest for people to wrap their heads around…at first!   This is the process of removing silicones, chemicals, and synthetics and other nasties from your hair.   Because of technology and mass marketing, most people are dependent (whether conscious of it or not) on silicone derivatives…even in organic products.  Because they are derived from sand, they are considered natural and organic.  Where there are no silicones in vegan and organic products, you get a layer of oils and emulsifiers that are simply too large to penetrate the hair, and leave a waxy, oily coating to mask the damage that has happened to your hair.   From your first application of Belegenza shampoo, those heavy natural ingredients, or the natural slicking silicones are being removed and rinsed away….revealing the real damage underneath.  Whether it’s heat damage from irons and wands, or UV damage, or haircolor, including semi-permanent and glosses, your true hair is being revealed, rather than coated, and this means tangles for many people!   This means dry feeling, rough at the ends, and sometimes a dull appearance that gets blamed on us.  What you are in the process of is removing the chemical coating so that the Belegenza nutrition can make its way INTO your hair, and begin restoring your hair!  Sometimes, the damage is so deep, that people give up after the first try.  This appearance of dry hair is the fact that Belegenza un-masks the deep damage that was already there, and must remove that slick coating to finally satisfy the core of the damage and repair your hair at the deepest inner sites.  Once the initial un-masking begins, each application improves upon the last, and you will look forward more and more each day to using Belegenza!  Once the gentle and low lather cleansers are able to lift the chemicals (seemingly no lather at first) the cleansers begin to lather more and more, signalling you that your hair is truly clean and primed for maximum conditioning.   Over your Magical Month, you will lift more residual coatings, and the conditioning elements will more deeply penetrate each and every hair to make it the best hair you’ve had…maybe ever!

Once you experience your first Magical Month, its incredible effects will remain with you.   Though you may switch to other brands, you will always remember the quality of your hair during your Magical Month with Belegenza.

“I have run out (went back to high end salon brands),  and can definitely tell the difference!”  Kate Linder Young and the Restless

Said another way…. Residue from other products simply get in the way of Belegenza’s effective conditioning elements. For example, moisturizers may have a silicone derivative, or a mineral oil derivative, or wax, or even a coconut oil that is simply too big and it gets in the way. These may not allow the full beneficial effects of Belegenza to penetrate, or may congeal on the hair making a “gooey” effect on the hair. Though you’ll feel the difference the very first time, give your hair and scalp a chance get a fresh start by using Belegenza for 30 days (approximately 12 shampooings), exclusively.  As the silicone barriers/masks come off the hair, some textures may experience a bit of tangling, but that’s usually due to the gooey coverups melting down and exposing the real damage underneath.  Speed this transition up now by using   RoMANce Deep Conditioning Treatment, EnCore Leave-In Conditioner, and/or VirgINity Hair Repair. The tangling effect will lessen quickly and in your very first 30 days, you will be celebrating the reward of luxurious hair again!  Hair that keeps getting better and better, is something you will love, right?   In fact, many double their orders, so that they can share them with friends and loved ones.  And, don’t worry if you try other miraculously claiming new products…Belegenza, will always be ready when you are ready to have ANOTHER magical month!

“I try everything, and I mean everything….Belegenza, though, is ALWAYS in my shower and I return to it every time and have done so for the past many years!  It always works, and I know I can count on it even after I try other stuff!” ~~Stevie Wilson, Fashionista

Yes, let’s get started! 

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