Can you help me with hair growth during menopause?
Dear Mindie,
That’s a popular one for us!  😉
We are currently working on more interesting information on this subject.   We have helped so many, and helped to share other nutritional tips for faster hair growth, and more importantly, how to keep the hair from falling out so rapidly during this “rollercoaster time” in hormonal changes.  The one thing that seems counterintuitive due to all the hype about soy is to eliminate as much as possible from your diet, unless it is the specific extracts recommended by your physician.  Moreso, eliminate as much soybean OIL from your intake as possible.   That along with detoxifying the scalp of as much chemical exposure from conventional shampoos and conditioners especially those with any of the silicone deriviatives, ( those words that are long and end in -cone, or  -ane,  -ine, like cyclopentsiloxane, dimethicone, simethicone, pentasiloxane, etc.  as these are very small molecules that get lodged on the scalp thus slowing growth.   GrowOut Shampoo & Strenghtener is a great alternative with food grade ingredients and anti-aging nutrients that encourage healthy growing conditions and is encouraged more by the GrowOut Scalp Energizing Spray.  Those alone will give you a “head start!”
Thank you for your interest!