Menopause Hair Loss : What to Do Immediately

What to Do for Menopause Hair Loss

Menopause hair loss is a very complex issue and one that can be extremely frustrating for many women.

In order to completely understand what is happening (and what the possible causes of menopause hair loss are), you need to first understand the underlying causes and associated things that are slowing hair growth even before menopause hair loss.

In short, there are three main types of menopause hair loss:
1. Follicle malnourishment – This type of menopausal problem results in hair growth being stopped or reduced. Eating well is VERY important, but realize that your body is resetting itself from being a child bearing body to a body that no longer needs to maintain child bearing properties. Said another way, it is “remodeling,” to a degree. Some tissues, hormones, etc. are being slowed or stopped and your new body will have different requirements from your nutritional input. 
2. Hair Thinning – The thinning or splitting of hairs can also occur as a result of this type of disorder. This can be due to lesser blood flow to the follicle roots (where the hairs are actually built), a shrinking follicle structure or size. For decades your body has been on a diet that satisfied all functions, but now that some parts of you body require MORE of this or that nutrient, there may not be enough to go around and fulfill what the follicles need. All in all, thinner or finer hair overall may be noticeable. 
3. Permanent Hair Fall – This form of menopausal problem is caused by the slowing or stopping effect on the follicles from a hormonal imbalance. 
We are not going to go into too much detail here as we are not medical professionals & believe that it is best for you to consult a professional on this topic who will be able to explain more about them and their associated causes. What is pretty common knowledge about menopause hair loss is that as the estrogen diminishes, and testosterone may increase, the testosterone may have a more noticeable effect, especially regarding hair. 
They may even be able to provide suggestions on how best to deal with it, but again, these are specialist areas and their recommendations should only be considered in conjunction with your own doctor’s advice.
Aside from these three forms of menopause hair loss, there are other quite diverse forms that can occur.
These following 3 tips will get you off to a great start:
1) Eliminate Silicone based products, and other “nasties,” that disrupt hormones, like phthalates in fragrances, parabens, petrolatum, etc. (for a full list see our Menopause Hair Growth Package). 
2) Eliminate food additives especially found in quick service foods and prepared/processed foods. 
Soy is a certain NO-NO!
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3) Use hair fiber powder in areas like parts, thin hairline and crown for special events. Be sure they are aluminum free! 
We’ll admit that stopping hair loss is a huge job. 
The good news, is that we’ve done the work for you. 
So, if the above sounds like a full-time job, we’ve taken it to a whole new level for you. 
For example…. using one of the MANY hair growth products on the market that tout their magic ingredient is a hit and miss thing for many. As you well know, you’re needs are unique. 
So, in just the GrowOUT products from Belegenza, we’ve precisely blended over 17 tried, true and trusted hair growth factors to get your hair growth odds up, up and up!

As much as we understand that the “other brands” sound like miracles, the window of hair growth vs hair loss is crucial.

Why mess around experimenting when you can use 17 tried, true and trusted hair growth factors at once? 

It’s your choice. 
It’s your hair…… 
Until it’s not. 
Give GrowOUT 60 days during this crucial hair loss and growth passage!

What to Do for Menopause Hair Loss

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Your Trusted Brother & Sister Hair Growth Experts,
Alan & Cheryl

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Menopause Hair Loss : What to Do Immediately

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