Loose Anagen Syndrome: 3 Key Things Growth Serums Must Have


You have probably already done loads of research and know that loose anagen syndrome is a hair growth disorder in which your hair is loosely anchored to the scalp.

This allows your hair to fall out easily and painlessly when pulled. In fact, even gentle pulling from hair clips, and some brushes can be frightening when you see the loss of hair. 

Your hair grows in phases, known as a hair growth cycle.

The phases are:

Anagen (growth and anchoring),

Catagen (transition), and

Telogen (resting of the follicle).
By the way, there are new names coming about for stages, but for now, we will stick to these as firmly established names of the phases. 

The anagen phase usually lasts for two to six years, then enters the catagen phase, and then into the telogen phase where the hair detaches from the scalp and enters a resting phase of no hair in the follicle. Once the hair has been shed and after a period, a new hair usually begins growing in its place, so long as the conditions are favorable for another hair.

The loosely anchored hair in the scalp may be caused by the premature keratinization of the inner root sheath. 

The inner root sheath is the first layer of the hair to keratinize. It’s also referred to as the hair is “hardening.”

A weaker bond between the cuticle of the inner root sheath and the cuticle of the hair shaft can be the result of the inner root sheath developing too early (premature keratinization or hardening); resulting in hairs being able to be pulled out from the scalp very easily.

Said another way, it’s no longer pliable and flexible, thus the hair doesn’t stay anchored.

It’s important to use gentle, nourishing, and natural products for a healthy scalp and hair. This can go a long way in keeping the hardening at bay.  Continue reading to learn about some key ingredients that must be present in your hair care products.

Loose Anagen Syndrome: 3 Key Ingredients Hair Growth Serums Must Have

1. Proven Penetrating Oils: Oils come in different sizes and it’s important that the oils used are small enough to penetrate into the hair. If the oils used are too large, they won’t penetrate the hair and cause problems for your hair, scalp, and follicles. Though trusted by cultures forever, oils like coconut, olive, argan, etc., may have styling merit by adding a “feeling” of moisture and shine on the surface of the hair strand, it doesn’t go into the hair.
Unfortunately, their molecular weight is too large to penetrate most imbrication of the hair. Though shea butter is often heralded, it’s molecularly too large. 
So, in certain situations, the slippery feel will at least allow combs and brushes to slide through a bit easier but has very little to do with strengthening or moisturizing the interior core of the hair.
The heaviness of the hair is due to its inability to absorb into the hair strand or follicle area causing all sorts of short and long-term problems with hair growth, simple style ability, and longevity.

Heavy oils don’t add moisture to the hair. In fact, with a bit of heat you might be doing to the hair what hot oil does to egg proteins in a pan. It makes them stiff (like cooked egg whites) with crispy edges which might taste great as a fried egg. In hair, though, it hardens the strand, and crisps the ends (splits them) and breaks them. Keep using them and you’ll end up with dry, thin, broken hair!

With advances in science, new extraction methods have been employed to pull just the “essence” of the oils. These smaller versions are rare, expensive, and not a common ingredient for mass market and salon products. These smaller versions of oils are the most beneficial to the scalp and hair growth bulb in keeping flexibility and pliability.  

2. A Blood Circulation Stimulator That Is Hypo-allergenic: It’s beneficial to use a topical and transdermal blood stimulator that makes the blood rush to the follicles to deliver a few extra loads of hair building blocks. Not all stimulators are suitable. Some use capsicum (red pepper), limonene (citrus peel oils), Isopropyl Alcohol (medicinal rubbing alcohol), or linalool (umbrella term for terpene alcohol extracts, some as harsh as turpentine), and a host of volatile active oils.

These could be considered safe for most when used responsibly, but for those with sensitivities, your skin could react badly. At Belegenza, we’ve added a bit of a natural stimulator, menthol. Very few are allergic to it. As well, we add just a bit to get the job done.

3. Emulsifiers That Keep the Follicles Moisturized Without Clogging the Follicle: Each day as you struggle to keep each and every hair on your head happy, alive, and well, the chemicals that are hidden in those supposedly helpful products are terrorizing the acid mantel and sebaceous glands. As your scalp senses the terror from the chemically-laden hair products, it signals your sebaceous glands to help balance the acid mantle. The glands go into hyper-mode squirting out sebum and this is why your hair may look good in the morning, but by afternoon it looks like a hot mess. 


With loose anagen syndrome, it is important to take great care of your hair and scalp. We know you are busy, so we’ve sorted out all the details and made things simple and effective for you.

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ONE of the best ways to do so is to use gentle, natural, nourishing shampoo and conditioners. Make sure they are SLS(sodium laurel sulfate) free and chemical-free and nasties free. AND most importantly, be sure you avoid silicone and their dastardly derivatives that can seep down into the follicle to choke the hair growth and disrupt the anchoring molecules of the hair. 

It’s no accident that Loose Anagen Syndrome is more prevalent than ever. It’s also no surprise that it seems so mysterious, as no one wants to believe that typical and high-end shampoos and conditioners can be making hair loss worse. 

With premium botanicals blended to perfection, the Loose/Short Anagen Syndrome package contains all of the essential products you need for your hair and scalp.

By now, you’ve researched and even asked doctors, specialists, dermatologists, and even pediatric dermatologists to get the usual answer….”it’ll cure itself by puberty.” 

By then, you’ll need a fund for a self-esteem therapist for yourself and your child suffering with Loose Anagen Syndrome. 

Also, by now, you’ve tried all kinds of things. 

As much as we’d like to guarantee that it WILL WORK for you, we cannot. 

What we can do, is say, given you must use SOMETHING, give Belegenza 90 days. 

It’s the ONLY way to know whether it works or not. 

Either you go back to trying things, or you find out that Belegenza is the answer. 

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Loose Anagen Syndrome: 3 Key Ingredients Hair Growth Serums Must Have

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My daughter has great confidence with herself but would love long hair. This, (so far) has given her more hair so it looks like a pixie hairstyle versus practically being bald. That's a good feeling for me because people were thinking she was a cancer survivor, etc. (Loose Anagen Short Anagen las/sas)
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Chris S
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