Wouldn’t it be great if we could keep all the hairs on our head – always?  
How wonderful would that be?! 
The simple truth is that is not how our bodies work. Everyone loses hair everyday. It can be between 150-200 hairs. As if that wasn’t enough, we have two times each year where we will lose even more hair. 
But just know this is all a part of our bodies process. 
This loss usually occurs in spring and fall when our hair will go into the telogen or resting phase. During this time our hair is not growing and is just sitting on our heads. 
That is why our hairs will fall off in such large amounts. 
The good news is that once out of this phase new hairs will start to grow in the emptied hair follicles. It’s just that easy. 
Be patient and continue to take great care of your hair with Belegenza Natural Hair Care!
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Alan & Cheryl