Wish you could make it last longer?

Doesn’t it make sense to protect your keratin investment?

What if your keratin-ed smoother, straighter hair could last longer?

Keratin not as smooth as it used to be?

What about the NEW Formaldehyde-Free ones? Everyone knows they are not as powerful–(find out how to take it to the next level of smooth)!

Did you notice the first time, it seems perfect… but when you go back for the next one, your ends get dry faster than ever?

OVERLAPPING ….  the responsibility of NOT putting the chemicals on already treated hair is not being taught properly.

Once a hair is keratin treated, it should never be treated again with the chemicals that cause the curl removing process to work.

They mean well, but if they aren’t trained in recognizing with complete accuracy which part of your hair has already been keratinized, the overlap of those preliminary chemicals can spell disaster for your hair… not that you can see today, but as little as a month down the road, when you start seeing split ends and breakage and tattered hair…it’s because of the overlapping of those chemicals.

AND, even worse, if you color your hair, or have it colored, it seems to look amazing THAT day, but the vicious cycle of chemical overlap and progressive dryness has begun!

Wouldn’t you love to know how to protect your hair before your next keratin? …keep reading.

What Is Keratin?
It is a protein and the major component in your hair; actually, hair is mostly comprised of keratin-associated proteins, AND these keratins are attached using silicones like cyclopentasiloxane, and dimethicone (silicone derivatives).This is why your hair appears glossy.  It’s a covering over the inner damage created by the flat iron, which you will see later as it wears off. This is the point we are talking about.

How It Works: After applying a keratin hair-straightening product to your hair, then the heat of a flat iron must be used to seal it. The process could take about 90 minutes or even longer, depending on your hair’s length and thickness.  (The charts from manufacturers recommend heat up to 450 degrees Fahrenheit, which is too hot!)  Stay below 400, and take into consideration that the heat trapped between the plates can flash up to 500 degrees or more..

Time-Saving: If you generally style your hair straight, a keratin hair-straightening treatment might shorten your time of blow-drying by 40% to 60%.  By using a wand to curl your hair afterwards, that’s yet another treatment of heat now zapping your moisture levels.

Say Goodbye To Frizz: After the treatment you can forget about frizzy hair…..until the synthetic keratin wears off, that is!

Wait To Wash Your Hair:  After getting the treatment you shouldn’t wash your hair for 3 days because the process must complete itself, and that takes time. And, be sure to not use products that have hidden salt which will deactivate the process!

Maintenance: You could ( and should anyway)  use sulfate-free shampoo to benefit the treatment and maintenance, certainly salt-(sodium)free products!

How Long It Lasts: Results last about three months.

HOW TO MAKE IT LAST LONGER! Simple and easy! 
Rather than take any chances with your long luxurious and precious length, Simply Smooth Humidity Blocker:

Prolongs the treatment with food grade, gentle ingredients using a gentle Vitamin-C complex to soften the curl (cysteine) bonds.

Adds deep shine that makes its way deeper than the gloss covering of silicones.

Manages new incoming hair growth by now softening its curl patterns naturally as well as prolonging the smoothness of the already keratinized hair.

Seals ends of your hair and fills the core like never before with premium and rare moisturizers derived from botanical sources.  By fulfilling the CORE with balanced moisture, humidity cannot penetrate, thus diminishing humidity absorption, resulting in smoother, frizz-free results even on muggy days!

Balances the moisture levels at the deepest level and simultaneously adds core strength and flexibility lessening split ends, breakage giving you stronger AND longer lengths!

Allows your hair to skip the expensive treatments for longer and longer, saving you money, yet more importantly the beauty of your precious hair.

(Realize that if it lasts for 3 months, with typical average of 1.5 inches of new incoming growth in that period, when the keratin chemicals are applied, they are applied to the already treated length….heated and treated AGAIN and AGAIN!….OVERLAP!  )

Say “no” to overlapped chemicals, now that you have Simply Smooth Humidity Blocker! 

The best solution to having and maintaining luxurious, smooth hair is to nourish and feed your keratinized hair.  Sure, the chemicals of Keratin will get you part of the way, and now you can experience the next level of perfection.

Think about it:   If your hair is 12 inches long, and you treat those ends every 3 months with Keratin’s chemicals, your ends will have had chemicals for 8 treatments.  OUCH!  NO wonder hair gets dry!

Certainly you don’t want to make that mistake, right?   You don’t just want smooth hair…you want to keep it as long and luxurious as possible, right?

Aren’t you ready for a new approach that will protect your investment?  …that will protect your hair?

…that will moisturize your hair.

…that will block humidity & frizz.

Of course!

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