How the Best Hair Moisturizers Make Hair Dry :
Lacquer & Silicone Free

It’s done on purpose so that you continue to buy their best hair moisturizers!


Some believe that oils are the key to holding moisture.

In fact, to some, that layer of oil is mistaken for being moist.

True moisturizers fill the core and inside of the hair with just a bit of water, not oil. Not so much water that it is wet, but just enough that it the curl patterns are NOT activated, so as to hold the style you wish.


Todays’ new moisturizers based in silicone, dimethicone, simethicone, and more ( more names of Silicones to avoid, click here), create a waterproof BARRIER on the outside of the hair.  This traps the moisture INSIDE the hair, and also keeps humidity from getting in….for a while.  BUT, the moment you add heat with a wand or flat iron or blowdryer, the BARRIER plays a trick on you.

What happens is the water INSIDE the hair boils out.  That’s the steam you see when you are ironing or wanding your hair.  The only good news, is that it stays shiny, so that you are fooled into thinking your hair is in good condition.  The other good news is that the moment humidity tries to get in, it can’t because of the silicone derivative barrier.  THE PROBLEM on the next few applications is that the water levels in the inner core of the hair keeps getting boiled away, leaving your hair DRYER than before.





Another way to see this, but the metaphor breaks down, is that of glossy lacquered furniture vs. hand rubbed real wood furniture.

Lacquer is synthetic and cheap (like silicone derivatives).

It shines, but it reeks of cheap! (Silicone and drugstore and even most salon brands)

Beautiful wood, like mahogany, is hand rubbed, with a deep shine that has depth and exudes a luxurious and refined feeling that discerning people recognize and aspire to have…. It’s why there is such a thing as ANTIQUE furniture that lasts for centuries and generations.

(No one collects lacquered furniture as antique finery.  It just doesn’t last.  Number one, it’s typically particle-board inside which breaks down in a few decades if not sooner. Number two it’s trendy, and in most cases that trend leaves about as soon as it hits the furniture store showrooms.)

So, here’s why Belegenza is NOT for everyone.

It’s for showing off the finery and unique characteristics of your hair.

It’s for those who know excellence, and depend on the visual messaging that your hair is a luxurious fabric.

It’s for those whose confidence level is already high, and for those who are out to improve their confidence levels.

It’s for those who recognize excellence.

Did you know there have been studies to prove that men really respond to women with the finest hair and vice versa!

Studies have shown men choose women with ‘better’ hair, and women choose men with ‘thicker’ hair.

The back story about blondes being the choice of men when choosing women is rather interesting.

The perception of blonde hair in men’s eyes is that it is mistaken for more SHINE.

Said another way, the male limbic brain (aka the reptile brain) is looking for the BEST genetic markers in female partners so as to make the best offspring possible.  BLONDE hair is often mistaken as SHINIER than darker hair colors. Shiny hair is a sign of better genetics to the limbic brain. This is how the myth of Gentlemen Prefer Blondes developed over time!

With Belegenza…. whatever your hair color, and whatever
the thickness of your hair….
Belegenza gives you the
BEST inner shine and
hair growth possible, now.




Belegenza Natural Hair Care. 

This is for you. 


Your Favorite Brother Sister Best Hair Moisturizer Experts,

Alan & Cheryl

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Life is Easier with Awesome Hair!

How the Best Hair Moisturizers Make Hair Dry :
Lacquer & Silicone Free


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