How Does Belegenza Compare to Wen?


We are happy to answer this question! We can hardly fathom how many millions of dollars Wen has  spent in marketing and advertising on TV.  So, that is why we are relatively unknown.  Those who DO know us, though, tell us about the amazing results they get from Belegenza all the time after switching.   It comes up so many times, and with all of the controversy, we have to be careful that we don’t step on anyone’s toes!   We are proud to say that we have always been distinctly food grade, number one!  As the inventors of the silicone free concept, our philosophy has always been to steer away from anything that might coat the scalp with synthetics or silicone derivatives (that come in so many names today).  We always use ingredients that are compatible, responsible and nourishing to the scalp and hair.  We still believe that people feel better with a little lather, so we maintain a gentle LOW lathering agent that signals the user when silicones are present, and when we’ve completed the removal process. When Belegenza does not lather, that is a signal that it is attaching to the synthetics, dirt and oils, and rinsing them away.  Each time it purifies the hair, the lather increases.  So, our dedicated users enjoy luxurious lathering, because their hair is so pure and natural over long term usage, that even our most gentle cleanser lathers like crazy, yet is still leaves your hair in the best shape ever.   That’s one reason we say, it’s like the first time, every time, because you know how exciting it is to try new products.  Well, every day is that exciting when you use Belegenza!   The other major difference besides not using silicone derivatives, is that our ingredients address the interior of hair.  So, this is why it is so effective with all types and textures of hair.  Belegenza addresses the structure that is common to all hair types, so even the finest, curliest, straightest hair all have a cortex (inner core) and cuticle (outer layer).  We work with that interior concept, unlike others who address the surface with synthetic coverings that shine the surface.   We think of it like if your body was dehydrated.  Putting moisturizer on will only make your skin  look less dehydrated.  Drinking water will rehydrate your complete body, including your skin.   This is how we moisturize and hydrate your hair.  With ingredients that address the real issues of your hair, giving you extraordinary strength, suppleness, and flexibility to your hair, so it responds, bounces and looks awesome all the time.  We are also very proud to have a second tag line forming, so here’s the working sentence thus far….. ” Go ahead and keep trying other products.  We love trying things, too.  We know that when it runs its course in about 2 weeks, we’ll be here waiting for you, as we’ve seen from so many others, when you come back to Belegenza, because you know it’s like the first time every time!  You will see for yourself that when you NEED your hair to be its best, you will always come back to Belegenza!”     When we can get that into about 5 words, we will be thrilled!   P.S. Food grade wins with the human body and hair every time!  When you see and feel the difference, you will know that you have escalated your hair and yourself to the highest level of hair care. Oh, by the way, it’s good for you, and it’s good for your family, and it’s good for your planet!

Oh, again….  GrowOUT specifically has clinically proven ingredients that affect the anchoring molecules.  These molecules are those  which hold hairs in longer.   Also, your follicles in resting phase, when awakened, can increase to total number of hairs growing.  The combination gives you more of your natural hair to work with!  That along with using a unique combination of “favorite” growth ingredients from many countries and cultures, the recipe is a global masterpiece, that has never been done before, so this is why it works so well on all types and textures!