We’ve all encountered seaweed when we’ve headed to the beach.
You see it on the shore and floating in the ocean.
Although it resembles a plant, seaweed is actually a type of complex algae.
Certain kelps are even edible.
Red algae is harvested in larger quantities to produce a vegetable gelatin used in a large number of foods.
For those of you who love to garden you know how water keeps plants growing, and salt water will kill most plants, right?!
So, how does this plant live in salt water?
It’s a miracle of nature that has a permeable membrane that moderates the water exchange back and forth without transferring the salt from the salty water!
Another miracle is that certain seaweeds or alga have a springy nature to their proteins!
So, just these 2 factors are the basis of humidity control and unbelievable body in your hair.
At the same time, they keep the perfect balance of moisture from the roots to the tips of your hair!
We’ll warn you now- when PerForm squirts into your hand, it is uniquely “active!” It’s been compared to the liveliness of Jell-o!
Perform Control Styling Gel  provides a unique springy protein complex that helps keep hair in place even when heat and humidity are at their worst.
By the way, our exclusive rare strain of seaweed is our secret — and is reserved especially for you!
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