Welcome to Cheryl’s and my GrowOUT Diet!

It’s something we’ve been perfecting for years, and we are thrilled to share it now.

We’ve dealt with over-eating for years, and most tell us we are crazy, because we never really look overweight…. BUT… (by the way… this is not a weight loss diet, although you may lose weight, like we do!)

We know how we feel about our bodies, and we also know our schedules!  We know in advance of most red-carpet events, and plan our eating….AND NON-eating times accordingly, so that we only have photos during our slimmest times!

What we discovered along the way of these years, both on ourselves and our clients, is that hair growth suffers during austere dieting, and our hair growth (and skin texture)  thrives in our proper eating times.

As we would try to lose weight by  experimenting with Atkins, Weight Watchers, Jenny Craig, Nutrisystem, etc., we found all kinds of similarities.   We’ve always loved and adored Durk Pearson and Sandy Shaw for their life extension research and development, and have followed them since their book from the 80’s.   The list is super long, and our shelves are covered in diet books, plans, and journals!  We’ve even gone so far as looking at weight gain/loss from an ontological perspective, and/or a mental/phsycho-somatic approach!  

This is like ” est ” Training, Lifespring, The SECRET and other methods of “thinking” thin and healthy.  Hypnosis, subliminal programming, positive thinking…hiring trainers for fitness plans.  Yes, even DVDs and videos of Insanity Workouts, Sweating to the Oldies, to P90X, to infrared saunas, to electric shock things that “give washboard abs,” to soaking in 72 degree water for 20 minutes a day, to thighmasters, to sweat suits made of foil, to man-girdles and compression clothing, to exothermic caffeine based body lotions to eliminate cellulite…….We bet you’ve tried some of them, and if not… a little! LOL.

All this to say….   We found some common things that even YOU know.  We all know it.  It’s just not lined out into an easily used format.   You know.

 How to lose weight?  Eat less, burn more calories.  Simple and easy!

That’s not what we are here to share!   What we noticed, is that as we were DIETING, or not, our hair would and does respond to what we were doing.  We got fascinated with it, and made a system that coordinates for great hair growth!

When we dieted too hard, or to fad-like, we found that our hair suffered and grew weaker in spots, thus leading to breakage.  We, of course, push the envelope with the  bleaching of our hair, and noticed that at certain times, the hair could not withstand the bleaching as well as other times.   Said another way, as the strands were growing in, when we ate “healthy” consistently, our hair was overall stronger and more responsive.

We now have very good evidence, by testing on ourselves, how diet affects hair growth.  AND, for the record, we are informed by the governmental agencies, medical people, and food manufacturers and growers, and go many steps further to unlock the truth that is conventionally left behind.

We’ve been looking at the BIG PICTURE, and are finding some common truths and principles that hold up to our theories.  It’s not just taking information that we get fed by the powers that be, but real world experiences, like looking at our hair, skin and health to gain real world truth about how to grow hair….and by the way.. keep our weight in red-carpet ready form!

If you want to embark on a real learning journey about the real story behind how to grow hair faster, join us now!  If you want to keep trusting the powers that be, go for it!  If you believe the next advertising commercial used those millions of dollars on the ingredients, you might need to get a business education!  That’s kind of bold, right?  We’re serious about our work, and we have poured our lives into making products that work, and, now, giving away our secrets that work!

Let’s look together for a moment at how hair growth works. Of course, we all have individual genetic blueprints that are the plans for your body and hair.  We believe in working WITH that blueprint, and not screwing the plan up!  Think of it like this.  Your car is designed to use gas (of certain octane for best results) or electricity (of a certain voltage for a certain amount of time for recharging).  If you use inferior/cheap/gas or put diesel instead, the car won’t work as well as possible, if at all.  When you charge your car, you have to have the proper connections/devices, or else you’ve got a dead car!  It’s the blueprint of the design, and then using the proper things to fulfill its workability.  WE have a system that shows you simple and effective guidlines that allow YOUR blueprint/DNA to have all the building blocks that are perfect for YOU!

You will love what we’ve put together, but at times will be annoyed or even upset.  You will love the results, even though you might not want to believe it.   You will love that we’ve exposed the truth in a very sneaky way.  (We don’t attack things….we simply steer you in the right direction, rather than wasting time in arguement with the conventional thinking.)  For example, we don’t use soy and try to eliminate anything made of it.  Period.  If you want to use it as food, that’s your problem.  We will not argue it.  If you believe it is good for you, go for it. Just don’t ask us why your hair is not growing as fast as ours!   If you like corn–fine..and, if your hair is thinner than ours, don’t ask us why ours is thicker!

Well, we can go on and on teasing you at this point, but we are more interested in getting to the meat of things.

When you are ready for the truth we have compiled for you from our studies and experiments on ourselves,  download our book How to Grow Hair Faster: The GrowOUT Diet, now.  It’s only about 30 pages, and we update it from time to time.  It’s quick to read and understand because we jump into the plan right away.  You don’t have to read about all our trials, errors, childhood stories, fluff material, stories about our story, etc.  You go right to the plan within the first chapter (after all the legal mumbo jumbo required by our legal counsel).

So just in case you are not SOLD, yet:

Grow your best hair possible.

Feel better than ever.

Find out the keys to making this work in about 1 hour of reading rather than 16 hours of reading other diet books.

Eat the foods you love.

Find out why your hair might be thinning, falling, or weakening and begin healthier hair growth.

Save thousands of dollars wasted on pills, potions, lotions, gimmicks, extensions, wigs, caps, creams, prescriptions, junk-foods dressed as health foods that cheat your blueprints.

Fine tune your eating to target your hair growth, and notice your overall body results, such as better looking skin, nails and even looking more toned.

Did we mention your weight?

Did we mention your energy levels?

Did we mention your attitude elevating?

Isn’t it time you got the concise and real story, from world-class experts in natural hair care that “look the part?”

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