Like the title of this blog post, it has to GRAB attention

Everyone who is obsessed with awesome hair usually pays attention to products that promise conditioning, moisturizing and strength. 

Unbeknownst, though, is that the chemicals mixed inhow to grow hair faster with the promise-of-awesome-hair ingredients are bludgeoning the roots and follicles! 

So, while you’re making great looking hairstyles, you may not be doing your follicles the best service

It’s like the old saying, ‘You have the water the apple tree, not just keep picking the apples!’ 

So, who’s really grabbing the attention of your roots and follicles

Maybe you are enticing them with something like argan for a while. 

Or maybe some peppermint stuff. 

Or some minoxidil

Or whatever the latest trend is by Fruct*s or N*oxin, or maybe even Rogaine

BUT that’s not grabbing the attention of your roots

Imagine how many ingredients are out there with claims of growing longer stronger hair faster! 

It’s almost impossible to count them all. 

And tomorrow, another product will come out with another version of the latest and greatest

But there is only ONE product that has compiled the TOP 17 hair growth factors. 

So, if your body type, or DNA, or follicle structure has unique requirements, out of the 17, your chances for finding the perfect mix is practically certain

That’s how you grab the attention of your roots and cause hair growth others are only dreaming of! 

Are you ready to increase your chances with 17 of the top hair growth factors and
grab your follicles’ attention? 

Your hair and follicles will be so excited, they may not be able to take you to dinner and pay, but
your hair will certainly “show YOU off” at dinner such that the people around you will be ordering what you’re having like a “Harry Met Sally” scene.

Only you will know it’s not the food at the restaurant, but the food-grade goodness of GrowOUT! 

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