When the plates of a flatiron slam shut on your precious strands of hair, the temperature can SPIKE.

Even though it says it’s 400 degrees on the dial, those slamming plates can FLASH up to 500 degrees!

Is it no wonder you’ve seen ends that make croutons seem juicy?

IF your iron does NOT have a thermostat… throw it away!

IF it does, turn it down to 380, or 360, or even 350.   The lower the better, so long as it gets the hair smooth.


That STEAM or SMOKE that comes off those plates is the signal that it’s too much heat.

IF it’s STEAM, that’s the water boiling out of the core of your hair.  AND, that means dryness and crimpled ends.

IF it’s SMOKE, it’s the products you are using that are burning off …FIRST, and then the next bit of steam is the moisture.

IF there is no SMOKE, and you are using silicone based thermal protectants… you are really zapping the moisture from the core of your hair….permanently.  It may still shine today, but that’s why hair gets dryer and more brittle even if it looks shiny from the silicone shine derivatives. Silicone Avoid List: Beware

Low slow heat is not always the best for hair.

Because we love foods, we learn a lot from cooking and eating the best stuff…

So, Hot Warm Yeast Rolls have to be baked quickly (typically 10 minutes!) Fast Heat

Then, Croutons are baked slowly (typically 15-20  minutes) Low Slow Heat, on already baked bread to make it crisp & crunch.

By the way…. Croutons are bread cubes that were already baked as BREAD.  So, that’s TWICE-baked bread essentially.

So, even though the comparison breaks down, in a sense, you get the point, right?

If hair has been BAKED by the dryer and irons (flat & wands, too) day after day, you can only expect dryness.

The usual answer is:

My hair is dry. I need a moisturizer.

My hair is really dry. I need a thermal protectant.

My hair is crunchy on the ends. I need a split end repair serum.

My hair is feels like hay and looks dry. I need a shine serum.

Eventually, it’s hair cut time, right?

Instead of trying to figure it all out, wasting money on promises, and ending up cutting it off anyway,


We’ve already done all the work for you.

We understand the difference in STEAM vs SMOKE, how to make warm yeast rolls vs. croutons when it comes to


Our products work IN the hair and on the hair.

We make you turn down the heat, yet just enough to get a perfect finish.

We balance moisture IN the hair so humidity can’t get in and wreck your style.

We block humidity for a perfect finish.

We preserve the moisture to KEEP it in your hair the way perfect hair is meant to be.

We infuse the shine INTO hair, rather than ON the surface of dried out hair!

We do this for you day by day so you can do what’s important in life.

Honestly, you might get a bit bored with perfect hair day by day, month by month and even year by year by using Belengeza.

But, we don’t worry.  If you get bored and try OTHER things… we have an amazing track record of people coming back to Belegenza!

Imagine saying….I’m so bored with my perfect Belegenza hair every day.  I think I’ll stir up some trouble somewhere else. LOL!

Ready for Awesome Hair Everyday?

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Alan & Cheryl


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