As always, Dolly put on a stellar performance for New Years Eve! (2022/2023)

With Miley Cyrus, they  “pulled out all the stops while co-hosting NBC’s “Miley’s New Year’s Eve Party” Saturday night, according to Page Six: ! 

It’s no secret that Dolly wears wigs and has been heard telling that it takes a lot of money to look that cheap. 

But her voluptuous wig for this performance didn’t look so cheap, but rather fantastic! 

As far as Miley, the jury is still out if she’s really dancing in Dolly’s footsteps with her hair.
Is it really hers or is it hers by virtue of purchasing it? 

Either way, extensions or not, she looked amazing as well! 

We also hope for her sake that if they are extensions, that they are not going to tax her follicles to the point that she will NEED them the rest of her career. 

What we love about wigs and extensions is that people can change their looks in a wink of the eye! 

Of course we all know this, but for some reason mostly only celebrities take advantage of this trick! 

Remember– Cher does this all throughout her performances! 

And, who can forget Schitt’s Creek’s Moira?
All her wigs had NAMES!

(If you haven’t seen this series, get some disposable diapers, cuz otherwise, you’ll wet yourself laughing!) 

And then, there are those who ditch their chemo scarves and resort to wigs. 

Resort… last ditch effort. 

The problem is that people try to cover up the fact that they lost their hair due to chemotherapy and feel self conscious about wearing a wig. 

Though the following suggestion is not for everyone, we have helped so many people change their “minds” about wigs during this tough chemotherapy time by offering this context: 

Rather than trying to fool other people into thinking
you still have hair during chemotherapy,
just pretend you are a celebrity for the time being and get a few wigs! 

Have fun with it. 

Of course, they can be uncomfortable for some and you want to use a wig cap underneath to minimize friction between the wig and the new hair growing in! 

And, given that chemotherapy time can be brutal and depressing, you can at least have some fun with a wig while you go to the grocery store or to a party! 

AND, people will stare! 

What they MIGHT be thinking, is…

I wish I could pull off a fun look like she’s doing!

Or is she famous?

Is she an impersonator?


I wonder where she got such a fantastic wig! 

Have FUN with it! 

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Dolly Parton, Miley Cyrus: Leopard Prints NYE—-Chemotherapy and Wigs