Medication plays an important role in most people’s lives. 

For those with diabetes, Metformin is an oral medicine taken that helps control blood sugar levels. 

Ladies daily take birth control pills.

And we grab pills for heartburn.

While all these meds are helping in some way they are also hurting us. 

So be sure you ask your doctor about the side effects of your medications.

You can also find clues in the fine print on that leaflet of tiny printed thing that comes with medications!


There’s a little “other clue” that your B-vitamins are in peril.

Take a look at the hairs near your ankles. 

Getting thin there?

That’s a B-Vitamin issue that ultimately makes it way up the legs, and also a signal that your head hair is next to fall out!

Catch it now! 



B vitamins in our bodies can be depleted when taking those medications. 

That’s not good.

Here’s why.

B vitamins play an important role in cellular development and function, along with metabolism and energy production.

Some B vitamins are thiamine (B1), niacin (B2), and vitamin B12. 

You need to put these back in your body and a few good sources are salmon, leafy greens, liver, and milk.

All are great sources and will get you back on your way to great health, and improve your hair!

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Remember that B vitamins in our bodies can be depleted when taking those medications. 

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Alan & Cheryl