Chemo Curls: How Chemo Affects Your Hair

And how to deal with it beautifully!

How Chemotherapy Affects Your Hair

Chemotherapy targets rapidly dividing cells and this includes hair follicles.

Chemo can’t distinguish between healthy and cancerous cells, therefore your hair follicles are affected since they are rapidly dividing cells.

Once your chemo treatment stops, they are still affected because the drugs remain in your body for some time.

==>The first 68 days are crucial for the lifetime of those follicles and hair growth. It is imperative that you do all the right things so that as they “awaken” from the harsh effects of chemo & give you a lifetime of gorgeous hair! <==

When your new hair growth comes in, it may be a different color because of the loss of pigmentation caused by your chemo treatments.

As your body detoxifies and recovers, hair pigmentation may come back and your hair may return to its pre-chemo color or a color close to it.

It’s possible it could come back darker because hair growth is often slower after chemo treatments and increased pigment may be picked up.

Another change to expect in your hair is its texture. As your hair begins to come in it may be fine like baby hair, coarse, or curly.

It could even be very curly, hence the name “chemo curls”.

How Long Until Hair Returns to Normal?

It usually takes about 6 to 12 months for your chemo hair to return to normal. For some, it can take much longer. It will eventually return to your pre-chemo color and texture. Some use this time to experience a new color and texture, while others cut away the growth.  Do what feels right for you and give yourself time to recover.

As mentioned, the first 68 days is the reset period of the normal cycles of anagen, telogen, catagen and exogen. Given that the follicles have been in chemically induced exogen (falling) & telogen (releasing) phases, not all follicles will be able to turn on the anagne (growing) phase immediately. In fact, some may be on the verge of permanent exogen, or dead. So, during chemo and the 68 days after the last treatment are crucial. You must do all you can do to assist the new growth (anagen) phase. Later we’ll give you a link to the 12 Everyday Things Slowing Hair Growth and the 17 hair growth ingredients that will make all the difference! 

In the meantime, treat your new hair gently.

How to Care for Chemo Curls

The best way to deal with your new curls is to embrace them and work with them. Don’t fight or work against them. For those who had straight hair pre-chemo, this gives you an opportunity to experience a new style. Here are a few tips to help protect your new chemo curls.

1. Use a gentle, natural, and sulfate-free shampoo that is moisturizing and nourishing to your hair and scalp. Massage your scalp while shampooing to increase circulation to your hair follicles and to remove any dry, flaky skin. It’s common for some to experience dry, flaky skin, even if you have never experienced it before.

2. Evenly distribute a moisturizing and repairing conditioner for 3-5 minutes.

3. Use a leave-in conditioner to help keep your curls hydrated.

4. Your new curls may tend to tangle, so gently detangle your hair with a wide-tooth comb.

5. Let your hair air dry. Use an absorbent towel to blot your hair and remove excess moisture. This helps minimize damage to your hair. If you must use a blow dryer, use the lowest heat setting possible. (Curly hair secret: Do not blot your hair before applying products. Only squeeze out the drippy water, apply products that are safe for you follicles, and only after applying products would you blot out the extra water!) 

6. Use gentle, natural, and gentle styling products.


It can be challenging dealing with a different texture of hair and learning to embrace it. Belegenza Natural Hair Care understands this and has put together a package of products that give you the upper hand with dealing with your hair. Take the guesswork out of styling your hair with the Chemo Feel Better Look Better package now. For an added benefit use EnCore Leave-in Conditioning Treatment.

Chemo Curls


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Chemo Curls

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