After 37 years of hairdressing, I’ve seen enough weddings to see that a Bridezilla is a fallout of bad bridesmaids!

Putting a wedding together has TONS of challenges.

Concerns for who’s coming.

Who’s not coming.

Will the ceremony go well..

Will the reception be well received.

Will my hair look good.

Will I fit in my dress.

Will the food be good.

Will the cake hold up til we cut it.

Will that relative make a scene.

….on and on and on….

This is where bridesmaids fail, and it’s been getting worse and worse at time has passed.


Bride’s Maid.

To serve the bride.

To make the bride’s day special.

Or at the very least,

to NOT add more drama, stress, and things to do or more questions to answer!

If you think the wedding is about the bridesmaids, you are wrong.

Look pretty and help the bride with the enormous burden that planning a lifetime dream entails.

If the bride is not having the time of her life….. it’s the bridesmaids’ fault.

In today’s terms, the bridal party is a team.

A team whose goal is to make the dream of the bride come true.

So, if she wants you to wear a pink chiffon dress with polka dots…. be the best actress for her show as you can.

If her little toe itches… Scratch it for her.

If she wants a peanut butter sandwich with her Champagne Mimosa while getting ready, get it for her …..with no questions asked.

If people are bombarding the door with questions and such…. intercept them, answer them, and tell the bride that EVERYTHING is going just fine!!!

It just takes ONE question or situation that becomes the proverbial “straw that breaks the camel’s back..” and Bridezilla appears.

Don’t let that happen during YOUR Bridesmaid’s duty!