Better Hair Growth Now. Not Average.*

Have you ever thought about the science of your hair?

It’s quite interesting.

It turns out on average,  if you don’t mind being average, that is….

your hair can grow about a half an inch per month.

But this will vary based on your genetics, ethnicity, diet, and even stress levels, and if you want faster, thicker hair growth, hang on.

There are 3 phases of growth/shedding. They are anagen, catagen, and telogen.

The anagen phase is your most active phase.

This is when new cells are made at the root of your hair.

During this stage it’s important to keep your hair healthy because breakage might be aiding in your hairs inability to grow as long as you would like.

If your hair is healthy it will have a natural shine on its own, without any products being used.

The natural shine comes from the outer layer of the hair lying flat and reflecting light.

Knowing your hair and taking care of yourself will lead to a better you!

We know hair, and understand the science of the growing of it and the structure of it looking awesome.

We’ve also made it super easy to get 17 of the BEST hair growth factors.

Rather than testing one magic ingredient at a time over the course of a few years,

we’ve made a perfect blend of 17 proven ingredients.

This is easy for you to use, and

more than 17 times more effective!

Let your follicles tell the story.

Give them these 17 for 30 days, and you’ll see the difference!

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Your Favorite Brother Sister Hair Growth Experts,

Alan & Cheryl


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Fine hair? Tinted? Indescribable damage?
If you have found yourself on the “TRY ANYTHING” wheel, it may be that silicone and synthetic products just can’t quite cover up the damage that has accumulated coupled with hormonal influences on the hair’s natural processes.   As Belegenza begins to purify your hair from these slick cover-ups, the true damage may be revealed and for the first few applications, your hair may tangle, feel dry or more brittle.  This is temporary, as the micro-conditioning agents make their way INTO the damage sites.  Keep going.  It’s temporary, and you’ll be glad you did! Not only that, we’re here to assist you through the process.  You can always start the conversation with “Alan-bot” who should have already popped up to help!


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