Best SLS and Paraben Free Shampoo for Hair Fall :
Best Sulfate Free Shampoo



SLS aka Sodium Laurel Sulfate and referred to as Sulfates clean well.

They clean so well, it’s seems it will clean the hair right out of your follicles… permanently!

You are a human, not a car, so you probably don’t need the detergent used in those super-duper car washes!

If you work an oil rig and get petroleum in your hair on a daily basis, SLS is fine.  With all the toxicity going on with the other
petroleum chemicals, you’ll probably have bigger problems than thinning hair and scalp damage from sulfates.

If you have a generally “clean” lifestyle, and wash your hair every day, you do want to be sure that you are not causing more problems than you need.  Sulfates could be doing that. They are typically just too harsh for most scalps and hair.

There is a “lip-like” portion of skin that is around the opening of each follicle that is between the scalp and the hair itself.

If this seal gets damaged, chemicals and such from products can get down into the follicle and disrupt its root area. Do this over time, and that follicle will just give up….  which means hair fall, hair thinning and shiny bald scalp.

Notice we haven’t mentioned anything about your hair, yet?

To us, we must make sure you HAVE hair growing so that we can worry about your hair!  If it’s getting sulfated-out there will be no hair to worry about!


So, let’s get to the Best SLS and Paraben Free Shampoo for Hair Fall : Best Sulfate Free Shampoo for your hair… which will also be the best for your hair, too!


Once we soothe and nourish your scalp, your follicles (hair building factories) will reward you with better growth.

Once you have better hair growth, then we can refine your products to address things like dry hair, frizz, curl, split ends, and all that…

But FIRST…..

Gentle cleansing that is made from food-extracts and ingredients are your MOST important choice.

With Belegenza Natural Hair Care everyday shampooing will NOT hurt your hair.

Our products are food grade fusion with no chemicals to do any harm.

……and this list goes on with each Belegenza product!





Carefully chosen essences of these foods refined responsibly to supercharge your hair and scalp.

Pure, effectively gentle ingredients, designed to exceed your expectations and what you want for your hair and your life!

Don’t you agree that it’s important you are insuring the proper growing conditions with Belegenza?


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Life is Easier with Awesome Hair!






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