Are you TRYING new things all the time because nothing works?

Well, maybe there is more to the story that you DON’T know that you don’t know! 
Did you know that 93% of the products are silimar due to the hair product ingredient supply chain? 
Yes, the manufacturers order their ingredients from the same stores and suppliers.
Think of it like this….
All hamburger joints use meat, buns, lettuce, tomatoes, onion, mayo, ketchup, mustard, etc. 
What makes the difference is:

the KIND of meat…organic, Kobe, Grass-fed, non-meat-meat.
the KIND of lettuce…Romaine, Iceberg, Organic Butter Lettuce, Field Greens
etc, etc, etc… 
Hair products since 1993, have been sliding into the slippery world of silicones and derivatives and it’s practically impossible to find food-grade compatible ingredients for hair products these days. 
What the WHOLE world has learned for the past few decades though is that when you use slippery silicones and the newfangled derivatives, it’s a down hill slope to mediocrity…at best. 
Sure it smells good and looks glossy the first time, but after several uses, heat damage increases, clogged follicles increase, slower growth, thinning, hair loss, and a natural decrease in shine all lead to what… I need to try something new, cuz my hair is looking so dry! 

“I stopped using Belegenza because I thought it was too expensive, but after a year, I couldn’t take it. My hair was always dry, so I’m back to Belegenza My hair drinks it. It’s worth it in the long run, especially the GrowOUT Shampoo and Romance Conditioner!” -Carollyn, Aesthetician


So, we call silicone based products Silly-Cone Cake Mix products. All the manufacturers start with a basic mix of silicone, cyclopentasiloxane, keratin-silicone, etc. and then add a “flavor” of Argan, or shea, or avocado, or fruit extract to make it sound exotic, glamorous, and effective.
They know there is a sucker born every minute and what most are buying is entertainment of TRYING things rather than getting superior results.

So, hair has VERY SPECIFIC requirements. 
Hair is a fabric and you must treat the fabric with things that it finds compatible. 
With the advances in technology, coconut oil processing from the 70’s is a far cry from the extracts of coconut oil today. 
The hair recognizes it as compatible adding deep shine from the inside of each hair making it illuminate like brand new hair! 
The hair tolerates silicones that gloss over the damage, but eventually leaves a film that smothers cuticles AND follicles and hair does NOT recognize it as compatible! 

Hereinlies the reason the next “new miracle product” doesn’t work.  The film from the silicone is now a barrier so that even the miniscule drop of argan oil, or avocado oil, or extract can’t make a difference… it can’t penetrate that silicone film that is smothering your cuticle and follicles to death! 

But fear not! 

We’ve got you. 

Nature has a way of undoing chemical fakery. 

Especially pristine food extracts that are able to naturally cut through chemical films like silicone to turn on the inner glow of your hair’s shine, strength and condition! 
This is why everyone that uses Belegenza is so delighted and impressed.  Mostly because it just seems like natural products are NOT the answer to taking hair to over-the-top levels each and every time. (By the way, natural products today use silicone because it is made of sand, and that’s considered natural and even organic…but let’s face it… it’s chemicalized sand or dirt!) 

Plus, given you’ve never heard of Belegenza before, how could something so unknown be sooooo effective? 

You’ll just have to try it and see for yourself!