There is now much controversy about Silicones and derivatives. Silicone was originally invented as an electrical insulation, and has been re-purposed into the cosmetic world, and in our opinion, with much concern for long-term usage. Certain derivatives can serve purposes that are useful to holding certain qualities about the hair. In our opinion, though, we do not believe they are something that should be used in the cosmetic and haircare industry, especially due to the unknowns that new generation derivatives can cause.

Did you know silicones are derived from sand? So is glass. Glass is great for mirrors, and bottles, but when broken can be sharp and dangerous. Silicones are good for things, but in the nano particles they are made into for the cosmetic industry, we are not so sure. We especially question the lighter/not heavy silicones the most. It reminds us of fine dust clogging filters and penetrating areas that shouldn’t have these synthesized particles of unknown chemical inventions. Silicone, insulation, sand, glass particles….never heard of anyone eating these things, so why would anyone feed their hair and skin anything but compatible food-grade goodness? Belegenza apetit!

Belegenza is the world’s originator of the finest silicone-free salon products. Not only are they silicone-free, but also free of Acrylates (plastics), Paba, parabens, petrolatum, mineral oil, phthalates, SLS(sodium lauryl sulfate), sodium chloride and are the safest, most effective, hair performance products on the market today.