According to CNN: Synthetic chemicals called phthalates, found in hundreds of consumer products such as food storage containers, shampoo, makeup, perfume and children’s toys, may contribute to some 91,000 to 107,000 premature deaths a year among people ages 55 to 64 in the United States, a new study found.

Did you know, it was one of Belegenza’s originating principles to be phthalate-free!?

Also, did you know that we have been warning the public of this for almost 18 years? 

At a swanky dinner event, Dr. T., said “This is Alan, the man I told you about. He was the one who diagnosed me 10 years ago that I had diabetes.  Of course, I didn’t heed the warning, because I’m a doctor and he’s not, and I thought I knew better! But let me tell you, he was ABSOLUTELY correct about my diabetes. He and his sister are  ALWAYS ahead of the curve, so whatever they tell you today, it’s spot on! Do what they say!” 

By the way, you want to click on the above link to read the CNN article, because it says shocking things that we are not allowed to tell you on our site!  It could save your life, as well as your family and children’s lives as well! 

Of course, I’d love to say “I told you so,” about a lot of things because it’s Cheryl’s (former pharmacy tech) and my mission to SAVE people from the beauty poisons…AND…make sure everyone has awesome hair! 

So, we are THRILLED that CNN has published this very tardy life altering news! 

You see, we are NOT allowed to make medical claims, even if they are correct. So, we can’t quite say “Hey, that ingredient is toxic, will cause “x” and kill your hair and YOU eventually!” So, we have to be VERY cautious in how we present things in print and on our videos and such. 

So, in creating the silicone-free era, we’ve had to be very very very very OFF-handed in how we present it so that we are NOT making any medical claims. That goes for our whole list of ingredients that we are free of, like: 

  • salt
  • paba
  • gluten
  • fillers
  • silicones
  • acrylates
  • parabens
  • pesticides
  • phthalates
  • petrolatum
  • artificial dyes
  • formaldehyde
  • harmful sulfates(sls)
  • Methylthi

We call them THE NASTIES!!

NONE of them are necessary except to make mass market products that are inexpensive and last forever with all their preservatives! 

So, like Dr. T. says, “He & his sister [Alan & Cheryl] are  ALWAYS ahead of the curve, so whatever they tell you today, it’s spot on! Do what they say!”