Drink more water?
With all the tasty beverages from coffees, to power drinks, to smoothies, to sodas, to electrolyte waters, to teas, to …. you get the picture.

Many people think that they are getting plenty of water, and even if not, who has time to go to the bathroom every few minutes from the above list of beverages can consume half of your day!

So, why drink more water?
Coffee has water.
Power drinks have water.
Teas have water.
Sodas have water….
So, why drink more water?

Pure water is a nutrient, almost NEVER referred to as a nutrient!
It is essential EVERY day.

Water–plain clean water is essential for the body to do so many functions, and we won’t go through the list which is almost infinite.

What we will do is “place” water properly in how we can relate to it and and think about it.

Let’s just say that water is how your body “rinses” out the cells.

So, THEY SAY you need to drink 6-8 glasses of water per day.
Whether that is true or not, the main thing is that you get as much as you can of CLEAN water.
Think of tea, coffee, soda, etc. as bonus liquid.
Your body has to process it and separate out all the “stuff” from the water before it can clean your cells.
Otherwise, it would be ridiculous to think that your cells are being cleaned with your chai latte liquids, right?
Otherwise, after all the creamers and sweetners, your cells would probably be a guey sticky mess!
Imagine your follicles making hair out of your iced coffee!
It’s no wonder weak and thin hair is more prevalent than ever!

It takes some incredible bodily functions to digest and separate all those things in the coffee from the water, and then use that water to transport other nutrients and building blocks to your follicles via your bloodstream.

If you think about it for a moment, our bodies are miraculous.
So, if you want the best hair ever, you may want to consider giving the body a head start….pun intended!

Drinking pure water may be the fastest key to improving your hair!

Another way to position this concept is very provocative.
You may think that tea is mostly water, so it counts as part of the 6-8 glasses THEY SAY you need.
Here’s a ‘litmus test’ for if it passes as water or not for the sake of growing more perfect hair.

Regarding this beverage, would I shower in it (and not rinse off with pure water)?
Would you shower in your Chai Latte?
Would you shower in your Tea?
Would you shower in your Soda?
Of course maybe you might want to bathe in a tub of champagne from time to time or on a cold winter day maybe a tub of hot chocolate…..
But it’s very likely that you’d shower in some clean water afterwards, either way!

You get the point, right?

Your follicles may need the nutrients from the tea, coffee, champagne, chocolate or whatever, but it also needs pure water along the way to ensure the supply of hair building blocks get delivered properly, timely and as perfectly as possible!

Water is rarely talked about as a NUTRIENT, and have you noticed there isn’t even a measure of RDA (Recommended Daily Alowance)? That’s interesting…other than the 6-8 glasses a day… no scientific measurements ever really talked about!

So, while everyone’s yakking about take this vitamin, that biotin, those amino acids, etc., the missing piece might be the VERY critical and crucial basis of human survival…..pure clean water!

While you are re-hydrating PROPERLY now that your perspective has been shifted about your water intake, the next most important thing is to use the most appropriate nutrients on your scalp, so that you are nourishing transdermally your follicles AND eliminating silicones and other nasties that clog up the follicles’ job of growing hair.

In an aloe base, you can get over 17 premium, trusted hair growth factors without any ‘nasties’ so that you are completing the growth cycle of empowerment!
With your inner water increase, and outer nutrient increase and nasties decrease, your follicles are set to show you the truth of what we’re talking about!
Imagine better hair than ever, starting now!

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