5-winter-hair-care-concerns and-how-to-prevent-them


  1. Dried out hair from irons, blowdryers and forced heat. 
  2. Dried out ends from hair color applications done for each Holiday “color change!” 
  3. Lack of humidity drying the core of each strand. 
  4. Scalp dryness that slows hair growth overall. 
  5. Broken hair from collars and hats, beanies, scarves, etc. 


What’s a girl to do? (What’s a guy to do?) 

You gotta look good for the holiday parties. You gotta dress to stay warm, and you can’t NOT heat your home especially during the brutal winter freezes. 

I1. Irons, wands, blowdryers and forced heat all are the equivalent of baking and cooking foods.

Irons and wands are fast heat and usually near 400 degrees Fahrenheit, and flat irons can flash up to 450 when those plates close on your poor strands! 400 is the limit for hair if you want to have luscious hair left on your head! 

Blowdryers are like baking cakes and pies. Close to 400 degrees, but on dry hair it bakes the moisture out of the core as well. 

Forced heat is like making croutons. Croutons do best at about 225 degrees, to toast and dry out the bread cubes over time. Living in forced heat does a similar action to your hair AND SKIN. So, watch out! 


2. Each time you color your hair with permanent color or even demi-permanent, you are allowing oxidation to “chew” on your strands to develop the artificial color pigments and lighten some of the natural pigments to show off the new color pigments. Said another way, it lifts up the darkness of your natural color and deposits new pigments of your desired color. Each strand, should only have ONE application of these colors for desired results, and limited damage. BUT, if you apply tint to the strand more often than that, you are “chewing” up the strand with the oxidation (and ammonia or non-ammonia facilitators). Each time shatters the strand integrity that much more and the new pigments cannot hold on to shattered/trashed strands very long. This is the problem most have with color fadage! 

If your hair roots are 1/2 inch long from you last color and a heavy handed color application gets onto the previously colored hair, your doomed to fade!  And, yes 9 out of 10 professional colorists are guilty of this!  They don’t care either, because they WANT you to fade, so that you’ll come back more often! (oops, did we just blow the whistle on colorists?….YES!) 

We’ll get into that in a whole “NUTHER” post! ( and really show you why you can’t keep your color vibrant as it should be and how to rectify this!) 

3. Lack of humidity drying the core of each strand. Once your hair is dry, there is hopefully still a bit of internal moisture that is IN the core of the hair. It’s what keeps your hair flexible and flick-able.  You know that thing you do with your hair to look sexier than ever. You flick it back or pull it over to the side as you lick your lips and all, catching HIS attention, or sometimes to gain the spotlight amongst your other girlfriends… And, if you don’t know what we’re talking about, get with us, so we can show you a few subtle tricks that will attract more than the law allows! 

You must get moisture IN the hair. You must keep moisture balanced IN the hair. Oil treatments generally add grease to the surface of the hair and that’s tacky, gets dirty and attracts dust and pollutants and is NOT moisture. It’s grease. 


4. A dried out scalp is common. Not only because of the lack of humidity and forced heat, but because of soaps and surfactants, sulfates, SLS and even silicones that simply chemically BURN your skin’s (scalp’s) surface. Once dried out, your sebaceous follicles just can’t keep up with the double-whammy of insult to injury!  Thus, slower hair growth, smaller strands, fewer strands and those that still make it are dry and brittle like twigs and branches of leafless winter terrorized trees! 

5. Broken hair from collars and hats, beanies, scarves, etc. It’s a matter of friction and hairs getting caught on these collars, scarves, necklaces, and such, and simply get snapped off! Another reason it is better and more fashionably appropriate to wear your hair UP when wearing hats and such. It secures the hair and keeps it from rubbing back and forth on your head and neck garments. 

So, what’s there to do? 

Attend to the core of each hair. 

Don’t get caught in the conventional silicone based products that are adding chemicals to cover up the real damage that lies beneath. 

Eliminate silicones, sulfates, salt, petrolatum, mineral oil, coconut oil, argan oil, and more. 

Fill the hair with molecules that penetrate beneath the cuticle surfaces. 

Secure your hair from rubbing against your garments. 

Keep your scalp balanced with food grade perfection for maximizing hair growth.

Use heat appropriately and be sure its moisture levels are high before applying the heat whether irons, wands, blowdryers or forced home heating! 

How does a girl do it? (and guys) 

Either the hard way, by trying all kinds of things that the gurus suggest about hair growth, and find out the hard way that the don’t tell the whole story! 

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5-winter-hair-care-concerns and-how-to-prevent-them: Perfect Hair Growth NOW
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