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Did you know?

We learned that in Molecular Biology, human hair is a remarkable tool!

Not only has human hair been studied massively in all kinds of ways, it has been being used to conduct Molecular Biology experiments.


One of the leading consultants taught us that when they are scooping out a cell to examine under the microscope they use a human hair!

What they do is take the strand, and tie a knot into it.  Then, by leaving only a millimeter of the strand past the knot, the tip extending from the knot is a bit rigid.  Think about razor stubble.  It is quite rigid compared to a grown out hair that has more flexibility.

With the rigid tip of the knotted hair, it is dipped into the “solution” that is being examined.

Not really knowing if it worked as “spatula,” the truth is revealed only when it is viewed under the microscope.

So, as I understand from our Molecular Biology Scientist, whose name is confidential due to her classified work these days with virus mutations of the Covid series, awesome hair is always of great value!

Who would have thunk hair would be such an important part of saving humanity?!

So, your hair may not be chosen for the “spatula” to contribute to curing the world….

BUT…. as we say, “Life is easier with AWESOME hair!”

So, our contribution is to make sure that YOUR hair is always AWESOME as you deal with your life and world!

Aren’t you ready for awesome hair every day!?

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