• Some of the agents in soy that may cause health problems include anti-nutrients that interfere with the enzymes you need to digest protein; hemagglutinin, which causes your blood cells to clump together; and goitrogens, which can impair your thyroid function. Phytic acid, aluminum, and high levels of manganese are also often present. 

With all the controversy about soy, specifically American made soy, why take a chance.

If you are building hair and have concerns for thinning, soy in NOT your best choice.

You may have other reasons for using soy, but the benefits are far outweighed by the ANTI protein matter.

In a quick nutshell, hair is built of amino acids which form together to make the proteins.

Eating protein is a great idea, then, right?

As the digestive system breaks the proteins back to amino acids, those get transported through the body to build vital organs, and in most cases, the last place is hair follicles.

UNFORTUNATELY, soy proteins have a bunch of complicated issues.  Mostly the hormonal issues are talked about, but there is so much confusion that marketing, packaging and mis-informed so-called-experts have created.

BESIDES that HUGE problem disrupting women’s hormones, thyroid and more, men are disrupting their testosterone levels to the point of sterility.

Before getting to that problem, hair loss may be a sign to heed warning.

To process SOY in the body, the digestive tract and many other functions have to kick into high gear just to deal with it.


Before we scare your hairs to death, we will only touch upon the phytic acid situation.

Phytic acid is present in vegetable foods.  As some doctors,( and we are NOT doctors )* have told, is that phytic acid is a seed, bean or legumes way of defending itself against insects.

You hear about peanuts causing allergic reactions, it is related.

Soy, has even MORE phytic acid than most any food in our food chain today.

to be continued…. Mar. 21, 2021

Soy foods contain anti-nutritional factors such as saponins, soyatoxin, phytates, protease inhibitors, oxalates, goitrogens and estrogens.




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