Work Hard.

Get Ahead.

That’s good advice, but we are Czech and there is an OLD Czech proverb that’s really sweet and works for us.

Taught to us by a very wise family, their self-made family has prove the truth of this sweet saying…

Bez Prace — Nej su Kolace.

This means… Without Work, There are No Kolaches.

If you’ve ever eaten a Kolach, there’s nothing like it.

If you’ve ever made any, you know there is some kind of magic required, even if you follow an award winning recipe!

So, Czech bakers know this.  The proverb has a lot of meaning.

Here’s our take on it….

Without work

……gathering enough money to buy the ingredients.

…..getting the recipe measured out

…..baking them enough to know that even though the recipe says exactly 1 Tablespoon of sugar at a certain moment, may not be right.  It’s a feeling from having practiced….

…..If you are not the baker, but a family member or friend, you have to have done other work in order to deserve these little soft bakery delights.

… takes TIME & patience….  to mix, to rise, to form, to place, to rise, to punch, to fill, to glaze, to bake, to top, to butter, and the hardest part…. to let them cool before you  devour the extremely hot kolach.  ( The last batch we made started at 10am, and the first bite was 5:15 P M! )

They were pretty good, too.

Though we are using an award winning recipe, we are still “working” out our knowing of how to make them….. in other words, we are always reaching new levels of perfection!!!

Little did we know, we had this philosophy in our creation of Belegenza.

Without work (and the magic that happens with a commitment to excellence), there are no perfect hair products for perfect heads of hair!

So, as we’ve refined our Belegenza and GrowOUT series, we are proving our Czech philosophy daily.

It’s a sweet reward to hear all the testimonials from countless obsessed Belegenza fans!

It’s sweet for them.

It’s sweet for us.

With all this good work, we think it’s safe to say THERE ARE KOLACHES!

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Your Favorite Brother Sister With Work There Are Kolaches Hair Experts,

Alan & Cheryl


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