We’ve certainly seen results, and hear about them regularly. There are many reasons for falling and thinning hair. Some are pretty obvious and well known, but keep reading for a shocking few secrets about hair loss.
The obvious:

Male pattern baldness is setting in… This happens to females, too! It’s due to an imbalance and overload of testosterone that is binding into the follicles, causing finer, thinner, and eventually no hair!

Stress….. Tight scalps can happen when your body is under enormous stress. Also the stress of extensions on the hair follicles can traumatize the follicle resulting in falling hair/ broken hair, etc. What about that cap you are wearing? Is it slowing the circulation of the blood supply to the root/follicle? Think about it…it’s the top most part of the body, and it’s already fighting gravity to even get the blood up there! Then you put a “tourniquet” called a cap or wig or bandana up there. If you cut the circulation of your arm off, don’t expect an arm hanging around for long.

Bad chemicals… you know about harsh coloring, relaxers, etc. They are not all bad, in fact, there are beliefs that stimulating the scalp with color (peroxide) and things may stimulate growth over time, although this is a theory. But, what about the gels , mousses, and sprays that lay on the scalp all day? Most of these products are made of plastic and silicone derivatives! (Not Belegenza, of course). If you are to cover your garden in plastic or silicone oils, would you think you’d have a garden for long? No way! So, if your scalp is the “garden” and your hair is the crop, you wouldn’t want to smother it with plastics or silicones to make it grow, would you?

Scary thought….. The follicle is dependent on a supply of perfect building blocks to build a hair. You must use foods to digest the raw materials by eating them and allowing the blood supply to deliver them to the scalp/follicles. The better the quality of building blocks and circulation, the better the hair! You can only build hair that way, otherwise, it’s called extensions! So, look at the foods you are eating. proteins, vitamins, minerals, etc. are the main components needed to fulfill on full heads of hair. Deny it by dieting and drinking diet sodas with imitation food and you may be assuring hair loss and thinning.

Even scarier…. Dr. Mercola has done extensive writing about the dangers of SOY products in the human body. What if you found out that the building blocks left over with soy assimilation plugs up the capillaries that feed the follicle resulting in hair loss? Claims of normal hair growth returning after eliminating soy products offer great evidence of Dr. Mercola’s theory being correct. (Many women are using soy to assist their hormonal levels, but even that is now controversial!)