ProTect Base Cream: Shield Your Hair from Damage While Getting the Look You Love – Exclusively from Belegenza

It’s the ultimate hair styling catch-22:  You want to get your hair professionally colored, bleached or relaxed, but you also don’t want the “crunchiness” associated with dry, damaged and chemically burned hair.

And while there are no completely safe salon alternatives to getting the style you love, ProTect Base Cream, exclusively from Belegenza, can help shield your hair from extensive chemical damage caused by styling.

ProTect is made from natural ingredients which hug your hair and act as a lasting barrier of protection against harsh chemicals.  This means your hair still gets the benefit of salon professional care, but without stripping it of its beneficial moisture and shine.

What’s Inside:

Each 4 oz. concentrate bottle of ProTect Base Cream contains hair-loving organic compounds like these:

  • Vitamin E – Adds luster, shine and moisture from root to tip
  • Wintergreen Oil – Prevents dandruff while toning hair roots to stop hair loss caused by heat or chemical damage
  • Peppermint Oil – Used around the world to help moisturize the scalp and balance hair’s natural pH levels

The fact is, many of the ingredients used to give you the style you love are also eating away at your hair’s pH levels and the protective skin that surrounds the hair at the scalp level – which is why your hair can look dry, dull and lifeless even after a color, bleach or hair relaxing session.  Over time, the protective skin is damaged, allowing the sodium hydroxide and other chemicals to damage the inner follicle–there’s the real problem, and Protect is your answer. 

ProTect Base Cream helps restore hair’s natural shine and luster without forcing you to sacrifice the look you love. Use regularly so that  you give your hair every possible benefit – nourishing it with bountiful natural ingredients that add a layer of protection against even the harshest treatments.

Attention Salon Professionals: ProTect Your Hands Before You Do Any Chemical-Based Styling!

One of the most common ingredients in a variety of chemical-based hair styling products is sodium hydroxide. Sounds natural, right?  Except that this harmless-sounding chemical compound is otherwise known as lye – the caustic substance in industrial strength cleaners.

Lye is used to dissolve organic compounds and is often used to clean equipment and dissolve grease and fatty substances that clog pipes.  Yes, the stuff in your drain cleaner is the same stuff you may be using on your client’s hair (albeit in a much more diluted form!)  This ingredient breaks the cysteine bonds responsible for curl patterns in the hair, thus allowing this new relaxed curl pattern to be more style-able.

You Can’t Eliminate It Completely, But You Can PROTECT your hair and yourself…

The fact is, you encounter lye every day in things like spray cleaners and soaps. So you can’t eliminate it completely from your life.  Lye is often used in hair relaxers too, and is a “necessary evil” to getting hair to react the way you want.

This is why whether you’re relaxing, bleaching or coloring hair, you want to use ProTect Base Cream on your client’s hair, as well as a small amount placed on your gloves to protect your hands as well.

Like flour and oil on a cake pan eliminates the sticking of the cake to the pan,  you create a layer of protection with ProTect Base Cream  so follicles stay safe rather than allowing chemicals to damage the inner follicle.  Inner follicle damage and weak follicles lead to thin hair and baldness.  Your reputation will soar when word gets out that you are the expert who can save your clients hair for the long term.  

How To Use:

Apply to scalp and exposed skin before applying any oxidizing color(to stop staining), bleach or relaxer creams. Part hair into 1/8” sections and spread ProTect evenly with your thumb to the scalp.  Do not rinse.  Apply color, bleach or relaxer as usual and follow manufacturer’s instructions for proper timing.

After processing, rinse well and shampoo with TransFix Color Lock Shampoo from Belegenza to lock in color. To insure color depth and longevity, use VirgINity Hair Repair, now.  Style.