Wish you could drop some fat easily

It seems like there are a million different diets, products and fads.

But let’s face it. 

How many times have you TRIED the latest and greatest, and wound up gaining it back ….and then some? 

With over 40 years of hair clients, we’ve seen it all, and yet we see the same thing over and over. 

New diet. 

Great loss of weight. 
AND, another sneaky problem that WE have to deal with is their thinning, lackluster, fine, brittle, compromised hair! 

Of course, we can’t say, “Hey, stay fat cuz now that you’re losing weight your hair is turning to garbage at the same time!” 

Not the way to keep clients. 

The good news is that most gain the weight back and the hair starts to come back, but in 9 out of 10, the hair stays thin….less than, more fragile and brittle, and often slower growing

The bad news is that WE have to deal with it and try to make a “silk purse out of a sow’s ear!” 

What is really going on? 

Supply chain! 

Dieters end up with the most unbalanced, under developed, caustic food choices, coupled with either too much water at the wrong times, or not enough when it counts to deliver healthy useable building blocks to the follicles. 

End result? 

Hair that should be as strong as a brick house is now being made out of soy, canola, franken-food diet meals, protein bar freakish blends, etc. ending up in a weak,  unstable hair shaft that can hardly hold its own cuticle up without a ton of products based in silicone to cover up the shoddy workmanship at the follicle level. 

It’s NOT your follicles’ fault! 
They have blueprints and can only do one thing….grow hair the way your genes dictate. 
It’s the supply chain. 
So instead of using hair “bricks” you get the blueprint built out with “paper-like” proteins. 

How do you get past this? 

You get with experts who know how to empower YOUR epigenetics for hair growth. 

That’s our specialty at Belegenza. 

We look from all angles. 

What you put in your mouth. 

What you put on your follicles. 

What you put on the hair shafts. 

What you put on the ends. 

How you put it. 
When you put it. 

AND, we get underneath why your are experiencing thinning hair....and then 

lead you to your most robust hair growth possible at any time in your life! 

Ready for more? 

We’re just getting started at Belegenza and have already helped countless people maximize their hair, growth, confidence, esteem and become the most “attractive” they’ve ever been! 

WE don’t work with people who just want good hair. 

We do work with those who are ready for the best life has to offer so that we can translate that passion into growing YOUR hair into its best possible version, right before your eyes! 

If you are one of those who has tried it all, done the yo-yo new fad diet and found the only thing on you that is permanently thinner is your hair,
then it’s time for Belegenza…..with Alan & Cheryl! 

Yes, we’ll be right here with you. 
With your purchase you will get our personal cell/text as well as support materials that are so easy, you’ll wonder why everyone isn’t doing it! 
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GrowOUT System | 4 Part | Fast Hair Growth Package

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