The bad news about transitioning from silicone conventional products to all natural Belegenza is like when you go from junk food to all natural whole foods. At first you miss the doughnuts, bagels, and such, and then the POWER of the wholesome foods kicks in, and you are so energized that you can hardly wait to put on your workout clothes and get your heart pumping from exercise! Soreness the next day is an indication that you are SUCCESSFUL!
With your hair transformation from silicone based products which mask the real damage in the inner core of your hair, you may at first experience tangles and even some brittleness. Belegenza ingredients get in to repair, moisturize and build your hair from the inside out to strengths, shine and resilience you’ve never seen before! Like soreness of you muscles after a workout, this transition period is an indication of the extraordinary results you are building INTO and for your new hair!