Intro to Stages of Hair Growth After Chemo

Hair typically grows back after chemo; however, the rate and pattern of regrowth can vary.

It may also have a different texture, color, or rate at which it grows. 

Chemotherapy drugs are designed to target rapidly dividing cells in your body which happens to include your hair follicles.

Not because the drug makers wanted to be specifically evil, it’s just that hair cells are categorized as rapidly dividing cells, and the chemo can only tell the difference between those and slower growing cells. 

After your chemo treatments are completed, hair usually begins to grow back within a few weeks to a few months so long as each follicle is not permanently damaged.

For more advanced and crucial info during this time immediately after your last chemo treatment, read Critical 68-Day Window After Chemotherapy Hair Loss to insure you are supplying your follicles during each stage of regrowth to get maximum results. By not doing so, you may be compromising your hair follicles’ ability to give you a lifetime of great hair! 

Continue reading to discover things to expect as your hair grows.

*****Please note that we are not medical professionals, nor are we giving any medical advice, making hair growth claims.*****

Stages of Hair Growth After Chemo

When hair starts to grow back after chemotherapy, it can have a different texture and color than before.

It may also initially grow back fine and soft before eventually becoming thicker and coarser.

Here are some things you can expect
when your hair grows back after chemotherapy:

1. Hair texture: The texture could be different than before. It could be curlier, coarser, or even straighter than your previous hair texture.

2. Hair color: Your hair may grow back in a different color than before.
Chemo drugs can cause damage to the hair follicles, including the melanocytes within the hair follicles, which can lead to changes in hair color. This can result in hair that is lighter, darker, or even gray or white.
The extent of change will depend on the extent of the damage to the melanocytes.

3. Hair growth rate: Hair growth rates vary from person to person. It typically grows about half an inch per month. It may take several months or so for your hair to fully regrow to a point where you feel like you “have hair again.” 

4. Hair thickness: Hair may not be as thick as before. It’s essential you use hair care products that are chemical free and nourishes your scalp, hair follicles, and hair. Silicone FREE is
VERY important especially during the critical 68-day window we mentioned earlier. Critical 68-Day Window After Chemotherapy Hair Loss 

5. Hair styling: As your hair grows, you may need to change your hairstyle or use new hair care products to help manage your hair’s new texture.

As far as hair growth progress, here are some timing guidelines that help ease your mind as you do all the right things.

Some people start seeing thin, fuzzy hair after several weeks following their last chemo treatment.
How fast your hair grows back varies, of course. 

Generally, this is what most can expect to see after chemo treatments are complete:

3-4 weeks: Soft fuzzy hair forms

4-6 weeks: Real hair begins to grow

2-3 months: About an inch of hair growth

3-6 months: About 2-3 inches of hair growth

12 months: About 4-6 inches of hair growth


Some hair follicles could enter the growth stage (a.k.a, anagen phase) before other follicles.
This will cause hair to be of different lengths, causing your hair to look patchy.

As your hair grows in, it may be fragile and prone to damage.

Also, many people wonder, “Why is My Hair Growing Back While on Chemo?” 

This has to do with many factors.

Simply said and worth repeating, hair cells are considered in the same category as cancer cells- Rapidly Dividing Cells.

This means that they can replicate in 12-48 hours. 

Therefore, if there is enough time between treatments, and those treatments don’t happen to attack the follicles fully, the hair begins replicating (growing) back due to its Rapidly Dividing Cell nature!  

This is a good thing to see, and it seems that the follicles are staying in the growth mode which in the long run is positive.

 And, again, read more about the time before, during and after chemo hair growth…Critical 68-Day Window After Chemotherapy Hair Loss  which is very important as it makes clear how crucial your first plan of action is. 


Conclusion to Stages of Hair Growth After Chemo

It’s important to be patient and gentle with your hair as it grows back.

Over time, your hair should return to its normal texture and sometimes, even its original color.

It may take several months or even up to a year to fully regrow to what
you can consider its new normal texture.

To ensure you have long-term hair growth,
you must use products that are gentle, nourishing, and chemical-free. Belegenza Natural Hair Care understands all of this and has created a package of hair care products that take all the guesswork of which products
are best for your hair follicles.

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Hair Regrowth Stages of Hair Growth After Chemo