Short Anagen Syndrome & Camel’s Broken Back

Short Anagen Syndrome is a horrifying experience for children and parents.
It’s misunderstood.
The people we expect to help don’t always have good answers….
Or compassion. 
One of the worst things to hear, even though it seems to be positive, is…
     “She’ll grow out of it in puberty.” 

Thanks, doc! 

She’s 4 years old. 

Only 8 or so years of terror, ridicule and upsets. 

I’ll start saving now to afford a mental therapist for her AND ourselves. 

Here’s a little story that will shed light on things in a new way for a new approach. 

It’s about a camel’s back and how Short Anagen Syndrome (and Loose Anagen Syndrome) might be made less severe!

Once upon a time, there was a happy, healthy camel, who loved serving.

The camel stayed loyal and never complained. 

Maybe spit a few times a day, but generally was a beautiful, kind animal who minded very well.

One day, the camel was being loaded for a journey. 

Proudly, the camel stayed still as the load was being foisted into place, piece by piece.

The camel does his best allowing the load to increase, out of respect and service.

At one point only one item was left. 

A straw. 

It was loaded carefully. 


That one last tiny straw on top of the heap was the breaking point.

The camel’s back broke.

No more journey. 

No more happy or healthy camel. 

It was all over.

Was it really the straw that did it?

What was the REAL problem to begin with?

The load.

The unplanned load.

The over-anxious, ambitious, inappropriate load.


In today’s world, we’ve come to expect miracles now.

It used to be called fast food from a drive-thru.

Now, it’s delivery service from just about any restaurant you can think of.



2-day Prime from Amazon can seem like an eternity for some folks now.

Even hair has gotten that way.

I want short, so I run to the salon and get a cut.

I want long, so I run to the salon and get extensions. (Not usually as quick as a cut, but pretty fast compared to growing it out!)

Of course, with extensions, you better plan on a “straw breaking the camel’s back, and
it’s NOT called alopecia. It’s called breakage. A new blur foisted on us by Hollywood.
Did you ever notice the Oscar has no hair? That’s why they blurred the definition of
Alopecia.  (Shaved heads after hair is broken off from extensions or chemicals is NOT true alopecia).
Another story for another time.

So, consider that there is a LOAD your follicles and hair are dealing with way before the
straw. What’s the straw?

Short Anagen Syndrome? 

Loose Anagen Syndrome? (no one even really knows what sets if off!)

Consider that the LOAD is the issue, and that’s part of the reason why it’s so mysterious. 

But, why is it that some people lose hair at the mention of Loose Anagen Sydrome, or Short Anagen Syndrome, yet others are not bothered at all?

It may have to do with EVERYDAY THINGS, that are going on, unnoticed. (Later, there is a link to show you 12 Everyday Things Slowing Hair Growth).


Just maybe we can find that some people are experiencing 12 or more things slowing hair growth, then the straw (Short Anagen Syndrome | Loose Anagen Syndrome) breaks the hair’s back.

Maybe some people are doing NONE of the 12 things, and the straw (Short Anagen Syndrome | Loose Anagen Syndrome) doesn’t break the hair’s back.

Then, once the straw does its final act, you scour the internet, order every product you see on a commercial, keep the shopping channel on all night just in case they offer a new miracle hair growth product, and then BLAST your poor scalp and the remaining hairs with the proverbial firehose of empty
promises from any and every manufacturer. Oh, and don’t forget to get a laser cap that you better hide just in case someone pops into your home to visit! Some parents may think that’s child abuse material.

A broken-backed hair situation with a firehose blasting it.

Too little and too much a little too late!

We’re in the business of hair.

We learned early on, that if someone has no hair, they didn’t need us very much. So, we made it our job to help people grow as much hair and as fast as possible to keep them coming back to our salons!

Once we saw people who were too young to be thinning for “no obvious reasons”….we realized we could help.

We studied how perfect hair is built.
What needed to be eaten.
What needed to be present on the scalp.

Then, as we kept looking, we started to see that there were things from
everyday foods, drinks, products, new chemicals, hormone disruptors, and a ton more that
was robbing people bit by bit, day by day of their hair.

Maybe we couldn’t reverse it totally, but what if we could at least slow the thinning process to
a snail’s pace…. more hair for longer time.

We did it.

In fact, we did it so well, when the messages started rolling in at the beginning, we
thought they were pranking us.

“Why is my hair stronger, longer and thicker?
“I wasn’t out to grow more hair, but wanted to keep as much as I could, and now I even see new hair!”
“I like what’s happening, but I have roots faster so I have to color it more often.”
“I’ve got to stock up just in case y’all go out of business! I can’t be without it.”
“You were backordered, so I stocked up and keep at least 3 bottles of each in my bathroom just in case.”

Will you see results overnight?


Not a firehose of miracles….which only drowns the camel.

How long before I notice some new hairs coming in?

Typically, as reported by most, short pointed hairs start peeking their proud self from the follicles about 21 days.

Do we guarantee it will grow hair?

That’s illegal for us to say so due to the law.

Then how will I know if it will work for me?

You must use it and see.

You are going to use something in the next 90 days, so you may as well find out what all the
excitement is about for yourself.

Here’s the link to lighten the slow-growing hair load:
“12 Everyday Things Slowing Hair Growth: Hair Thinning Reversed.” Print those pages and do as many as you can starting now. will take you to the pages with all packages for all hair types

Alan & Cheryl
Your Trusted Brother & Sister Hair Growth Experts

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Success Stories

“This morning my daughter wanted her hair tied up (that’s British for “ponytail”) for school (it was a struggle with her not having much hair)! I noticed quite a few hairs on the top of her scalp.”
Lisa C., UK
It works! I have been using the entire grow out system on my daughter for over 2 years and her non-existent hair has changed to a full head of healthy curls. Belegenza products are the only I have ever used on her (for las/sas). May have taken 6-8months to truly see a difference.
Chris S
My daughter has great confidence with herself but would love long hair. This, (so far) has given her more hair so it looks like a pixie hairstyle versus practically being bald. That's a good feeling for me because people were thinking she was a cancer survivor, etc.
Obsessed Mom


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