Scalp Care During Chemo Hair Loss

Taking Care: Scalp Care During Chemo Hair Loss

We all care about how we look, even those who pretend they don’t care. It’s natural to have a rollercoaster of emotions about hair loss and deal with it differently than others. For some, no matter how well they were mentally prepared for hair loss it was still very upsetting to them. If you are missing your routine of shampooing and styling your hair; take on a different routine to cleanse and nurture your scalp instead. It’s important to take great care of your scalp to promote and encourage new hair growth.

Daily Scalp Care During Chemo Hair Loss Tips

Cleanse your scalp regularly: Use a gentle, natural, and free from chemicals shampoo to cleanse your scalp. Belegenza Natural Hair Care’s IlLustrious Shampoo & Cleanser is your best option. It’s gentle, low-lathering, SLS-free, silicone-free, paraben-free, gluten-free, petrolatum-free, mineral oil-free, phthalate-free, and more.

Massage your scalp: Using the pads of your fingers, move in a circular motion all-around your scalp. This helps to ease tension and increases blood flow to your hair follicles.

Use a natural oil to seal in moisture: Apply a natural oil to your scalp to help nourish the scalp and soothe any irritation. Belegenza Natural Hair Care’s SpotLite Shine Serum is a wonderful moisturizer for your scalp. It’s lightweight, non-greasy, and non-sticky.

Protect your scalp from the environment: A daily dose of sunshine can lift our spirits and help heal our bodies. With thin hair and bare scalps, it’s important to protect the scalp. You can wear head coverings and sunscreen. It’s important to consult your medical team about your treatment as it may increase your sensitivity to the sun.

Remember to cover your head during the winter because you can lose a lot of heat from your head. Here’s a bit of info that goes a bit beyond scalp care during chemo hair loss

Wash your head coverings: It’s important to wash your head coverings regularly to prevent unnecessary scalp irritation. If there is a build-up of naturally occurring bodily secretions, like perspiration, oil, and skin shedding, it can irritate your scalp. Follow the care labels in your head covering to ensure you are cleaning properly. For wigs, make sure you are washing appropriately for human hair or synthetic hair.

Pillowcase: Use a pillowcase made from natural fibers such as silk, cotton, or linen. Synthetic fibers, like nylon, can irritate sensitive skin.

Ease Scalp Discomfort

Some experience some sensitivity and irritation on their scalp during hair fall. This is normal and usually subsides after a few days. If you see red spots that are very itchy this may be an inflamed hair follicle, called folliculitis. Folliculitis is an inflammation of your hair follicle. With folliculitis, you will notice the formation of little red spots at the follicle opening. It can cause tenderness and intense itching, however, don’t scratch because doing may further inflame your skin. It’s important to use gentle, natural products, keep head coverings clean, shampoo your hair and scalp daily, and moisturize daily. Always speak to your medical team if you have itchy and painful spots on your scalp, and do what you have the energy to do regarding scalp care during chemo hair loss

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Scalp Care During Chemo Hair Loss

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Success Stories

"Love the products from Belegenza! I have spoken with Alan, an owner, on several occasions - he is always so pleasant & gets back to you right away any questions that you may have. I am a hairstylist who uses their products for myself & my clients. I have clients who have fine hair, thinning hair and others who have completed their chemo treatments that use the GrowOUT line❤.Also, for skin care....I LOVE their Simply Young Refining & Skin Tightening Spray!!!Great company, excellent customer service - highly recommend Belegenza 🌟🌟🌟🌟🌟~~Denice G
Denice G.
I discovered your product by researching hair products for salt-&-pepper very dry hair. After reading the rave reviews, I concluded they must be fabricated because they were so glowing. But, being desperate to find an effective product, I took a chance and ordered the travel size of the Illustrious 1 shampoo and Romance 2 conditioner. After only a couple of uses, my hair was transformed from it’s dull, dry, straw-like texture to it’s former bounce and shine. Truly amazing. I loved it so much I ordered the full sizes and added the SpotLite Shine. LOVED those so much, my next order was for the professional sizes plus the Virginity leave-in conditioner. At the risk of sounding like those other reviews that I thought were fake, I absolutely LOVE these products. Please consider this a thank you note for rescuing my hair!
Donna R.
Office Manager
I’m using the grow out suite of products (years of chemo and more in the future) I love every single product and my hair is growing! I’ve been using grow out for 6-9 months. Now that I’ve gone to my natural silver Im wondering if I can start using the grey hair products. Thanks!
Rita K.
Cancer Survivor!


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