1. Introducing…. Scalp Care after Chemo

We all know how important it is to take care of your head after undergoing chemotherapy. And, you’ll find that you’re very fortunate to have found this info on scalp care after chemo. 

But did you know that a hair-loss treatment such as chemo can leave your scalp and skin even more vulnerable to long term damage? Chemotherapy treatments are extremely harsh and these chemicals can cause all sorts of damage preferably to the cancer cells, but unfortunately to the healthy scalp cells, too. 

From the very first day, the thing that’s most important is to protect your scalp and skin from any possible damage.

To do this, it’s crucial that you choose a shampoo that hydrates and doesn’t contain any harmful chemicals, especially SLS (Sodium Laurel Sulfate).  Most shampoos have lots of different ingredients in them (flavors, fragrances) which may be too many for your scalp to tolerate at once.

This is why we created a 2 Minute Hair Evaluation, a quick way to assess your hair & designed to help you choose the right shampoo and products for you. We are currently working on a guide that will help you with those tricky questions like “How do I tell if my shampoo has too much or too little soap?” or “What if I decide not to use shampoo after all? What should I use instead?” Once you’ve done the 2 Minute Hair Evaluation, you will get  our easy to read emails that nurture you during your chemo hair journey.

2. Skin Care

If you’re a hair loss patient, or have ever been one, you know the struggle of picking a shampoo that works.

As experts in hair loss & hair regrowth, we spend enormous time

un-hypnotizing people from all the shampoos that are filled with chemicals and water. They strip hair of its elasticity, leaving behind brittle strands that eventually fall out, and chemically can burn the follicle where your hair is assembled. 
This is known as “dandruff” and it is a real embarrassment when people think that you’re just not taking care of yourself well enough.

As much as we would all like to believe that our shampoo will make our hair thicker, stronger and shiny, this isn’t always the case with conventional or high-end brands. 

We need to find a product that works for us and isn’t too harsh on our already delicate skin that’s being bombarded by toxic chemo. 

That’s where natural shampoos come in. They are made from natural ingredients like organic coconut oil and apple cider vinegar. They also contain natural ingredients like peppermint oil to help dry out dandruff and other unwanted things (like mites). These are some of the reasons why people swear by natural shampoos. BUT, with an already terrorized scalp, you may find the hard way that those kinds are like adding gas to a campfire!

More on why you should use them:

If you have been through chemo treatment or are currently undergoing treatment, it may be necessary for you to “taper off shampooing by skipping a day here and there. This is necessary if your scalp is prone to dandruff. Keep in mind though, that many people have developed dandruff during the chemo process. And, as you can probably guess, you’ve got more to do than spend your time doing research and development on your poor tender scalp. You need expertise, and that’s what we’ve done for you.…all the heavy lifting to navigate scalp care AFTER chemo as well as before and during! 

3. Scalp Care

There are many “natural” alternatives to your shampoo, conditioner and hair dye, but only a handful of them actually will really work for you.

The problem is that the ingredients aren’t sorted out by the food industry standards. They may be good for you in their own way, but they have been chemically altered to make them more profitable or in their world, less expensive. And this means they are just as likely to kill your follicles as they are to heal your scalp.


So how do you pick between natural and chemical alternatives? The best way is to test each one on a small patch of hair (1-2 inches) & see which one works for you.  It’s quite a pain and very time consuming, we realize, but we may have good news for you coming up.

Here are some natural products that we recommend:

• Aloe Vera gel: With its proteolytic enzymes, it soothes flaky scalp and by assisting the gentle removal of those cells, like a super gentle exfoliator. 

It also has antibacterial properties.

It’s great on its own or mixed with other moisturizers for self-care purposes.

Castor oil: An ultra-viscous liquid with antiseptic quality great for minor cuts It also has antibacterial properties.

Coconut oil: Especially one that is high in Lauric Acid to help emulsify leftover chemicals from other beauty products.  

4. Conclusion

One of the more aggravating things about chemo is that you just don’t know how it’s really going to affect you and your hair. This is why it’s a good idea to nourish in preparation, nurture during the chemo process, and then get with post chemo hair experts, like Alan & Cheryl.  We are proud to say that we work with you before, during and after chemo hair loss and continue for a lifetime of your best hair possible!

We’ve helped thousands, and will help you, too! 

The best shampoo for chemotherapy is one that has a combination of the following properties:

Aloe based

Moisturizing to the hair

Free of essential oils that may “burn” your follicles further than the chemo

Has more than 2 hair growth factors that are hypoallergenic and soothing.

The best conditioner for chemotherapy patients is one with a combination of these properties:

Contains sea extracts that soothe and moisturize

Moisturizes the scalp with no silicones or nasties

Uses moisturizers that do not smother the scalp or follicles 


Masks are not recommended. They tell what they are in the name. Masks. To cover the real thing. Not good especially if silicone dimethicone based. Silicone-based ingredients may be irritating as well.

So, do you really have time to do the work that we’ve compiled over a decade to satisfy your scalp care after chemo needs?

Sure, you can take your time researching it, but each day spent searching may cost you follicles and hair strands permanently.

And with the pains we went through, we know you will lose hair just trying to find what we’ve found to work. We’ve done the work for you. AND, at this crucial time, you do not want to take a chance with your follicles during this very “iffy” time of almost murdered follicles (by chemo) and the reactivation period. This is one of the secrets to our outstanding success at Belegenza

This is the time from your last treatment and the next 68 days. We not only satisfy your scalp care after chemo, but give you 17 tried and true ingredients for hair growth, so that each follicle has its BEST chances possible.

After those 68 days of use, you can resume your personal search, and we’ll sleep well knowing your follicles didn’t all die as you were researching things. Of course, if you’re like our other thrilled and obsessed users, you’ll come back to Belegenza. 

Ready to check it out? 

Take me to the Hair Growth & Scalp Care After Chemo Package

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