As our dear beauty school owner taught us:

“Everything you’ll need to know about life, you’ll learn in the beauty shop!”

Here’s what we learned today!

As she loaded up on Belegenza products for her fantastic curly RED hair, she specifically got extras to last her through the birth of her baby and a few weeks afterward.

Any mother knows, that things change and being prepared is most important to nurturing a newborn into the world.  So, we are highly complimented to be part of the newborn preparation.

While packing up her products, Cheryl asked….”Have you had any cravings?”

She said, “Yes. Kinda weird.  Milk of all things.  I didn’t even grow up drinking milk, but now, I just can hardly get enough.”

I said, “Maybe it’s your body’s wisdom of calcium and/or Vitamin D being the thing it needs.??”

She said, “Probably the calcium!  It’s interesting that you mentioned the Vitamin D.  My doctor asked me what I had been using as a Vitamin D supplement after she had reviewed my blood work up.   I have never taken Vitamin D supplements. She said that my Vitamin D levels were better than normal, and went on to say that Redheads have a greater capacity for generating Vitamin D than other hair color groups of people.  At first I thought she was kidding, but I did more research, and she’s right!  LOL.”


So, it all made sense to me.

Redhead complexions are more sensitive to heat and sunlight, and are capable of creating Vitamin D from less sun exposure than others.

I said, “That is so awesome.  I don’t know if you remember, but when you were a toddler, and I would try to blow dry your hair, you would would go wild trying to get away from the dryer.  I’d have it on warm, not hot, and have to told it like 4 feet from you and you’d still cringe from it!”

We all laughed about the old days and she admitted how even today, her husband even wondered why she takes cold showers.  To her, they are warm. She laughs and worries that he’s going to scald himself with the temperatures he likes!

I find it fascinating to learn these kinds of things.

So, there are many articles supporting this, and I’ll keep doing more research.

In the meantime, this seems to be true for NATURAL REDHEADS.

I only say this for those who are chemically dependent REDHEADS to help you with being more authentic and healthy, of course.

So, if you are not a NATURAL REDHEAD & tint your hair red, you don’t automatically get higher Vitamin D levels ….LOL…. you might consider supplementing.

To be continued.

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