Spring and summer are around the corner and I am super excited! This is the time of year that I really get to enjoy the outdoors. I usually can be found at a lake, beach, pool, or lying in the sun!

It is especially important, since my hair is chemically treated, that I take special care of my locks. To do this, I saturate my hair with EnCore Leave-in Conditioning Treatment and SpotLite Shine. EnCore and SpotLite even out the porosity of my hair, and serve as a barrier to prevent chemicals and dyes from being absorbed by my hair. They serve as a moisturizing agent to protect against the sun’s heat that can dry out my hair.

I usually secure my hair in braids or a low ponytail after applying EnCore and SpotLite. This prevents my hair from blowing in the wind, which can be drying to my hair.

These simple steps ensure that I have healthy, luxurious hair during spring and summer, all while enjoying the great outdoors!